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RALEIGH, N.C. (April 6, 2016) – NeoNova, a broadband division of NRTC and an industry leader in cloud-based technologies and services for regional telcos and ISPs, today announced that they are taking orders for ViewLocal™, the successor to the company’s popular YourStreamTV product.

ViewLocal from NeoNova and NRTC delivers local channels using a broadband connection that allows customers to say “goodbye” to weak over-the-air signals and “hello” to high-quality viewing on multiple screens and devices. It is now available to affiliates wanting to give their customers live, local television channels via their broadband network.

ViewLocal allows affiliates to provide local broadcast channels and hyper local content via Roku devices, iOS and Android mobile apps, and web browsers. In addition to these end-user applications, NeoNova handles the authentication, security and deployment logistics, and can also provide custom marketing materials. Customers simply set up their device or app, create an account, and start streaming live, local channels almost instantly.

The Raleigh-based company also announced this week a new referral program that allows its affiliates to promote Sling TV, a live and on-demand OTT television service that allows affiliates to refer their customers to Sling TV to get some of the most popular national channels like ESPN, AMC and HGTV on TVs, tablets, phones and computers. By adding the Sling TV referral program to ViewLocal, regional telcos can provide a complete OTT solution with both national and local content.

“Our goal is to provide our affiliates the best products and tools available today so they can be successful in the marketplace,” said Ray Carey, CEO of NeoNova. “Customers have said for years that local TV channels are a priority, but people don’t want to pay exorbitant amounts of money.  Also, folks increasingly want to watch these programs on their phones, iPads, computers and other devices.  We’re excited that we can now offer our ISP partners the ability to provide both local and national content in easy-to-use applications at affordable prices on all these devices.”

ViewLocal is a cost effective alternative to cable and satellite subscriptions, giving customers stable local channels via broadband internet instead of inconsistent over-the-air signals. The simple ViewLocal interface can be branded by a local ISP and includes a complete channel guide for customers to search and easily find programming. ViewLocal is also designed to be family-friendly, allowing customers to set up multiple profiles with specific permissions to make sure their children are viewing only appropriate content.

To learn more about ViewLocal and the company’s new video portfolio for affiliates, visit NeoNova and NRTC at Booth #219 this week at the IP Vision Conference & Expo.

Press Release

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