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ATLANTA, March 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Customers frustrated with personal computer issues have a trusted new resource. Cox Communications’ Cox Tech Solutions is a support service that provides enhanced assistance with IT issues that commonly plague consumers, but are difficult to resolve without technical expertise. The service is available in all Cox markets today.

Cox Tech Solutions fee-based technical support service provides real-time diagnosis and resolution for the following types of computer-related issues:

  • PC crashes
  • Home networking
  • Virus/spyware infections
  • Installation/configuration or questions about new applications and software
  • Attaching new components to the computer
  • Windows and Mac operating system and software error messages

“Cox has always provided technical support for its broadband product, but we can now go beyond that to address broader computer issues that impact customers’ total online experience,” said David Blau, vice president of new growth and development, Cox Communications. “With the added capability, Cox deepens its relationship with customers by becoming a one-stop-shop for broadband products and expertise.”

The service is ideal for the residential customer who is unable to identify and resolve one of the above issues with their personal computer. Customers who already have Cox services now have the convenience of calling their existing trusted provider for advanced technical assistance. Cox Tech Solutions is provided on a case-by-case basis or through a monthly subscription which provides 24/7 support for up to four PCs. Cox also plans to expand the service later this year by launching additional subscription options for single PC, home networking and other connected devices.

Using the phone, online chat and remote desktop access, technicians provide customers with step-by-step updates on their progress. In-home support is also available if desired by the customer or if there is an issue with remote access availability.

“Remote technician troubleshooting provides a more rapid and satisfying experience. In many cases customers have issues that need to be resolved immediately and they can be back up and running promptly without taking their PC offsite or waiting for someone to come to their home,” said Josh Schoenberg, director of new growth and development.

Cox Tech Solutions initially launched in Cox’s New England-Cleveland market. After positive operational results and feedback from customers, the company began expanding to other markets in 2011.

Press Release

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