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February 27, 2020 — Sonora, CA – Sierra Nevada Communications out of Sonora California is in the process of converting their legacy cable television systems over to the MG-TV Video Middleware provided by Innovative Systems. According to Network Technician Jacob Lopes, the support tools were far superior to other solutions that they looked at and chose Innovative for that reason. Lopes says they currently rely solely on customer feedback when there is an issue, but the tools from the new middleware will help them get ahead of the support game. According to Lopes, being a small company serving a mountainous region requires tools like the Innovative Systems Virtual Remote™ to fix common issues, without time-consuming service calls.

Sierra Nevada takes great pride in offering bundled communications services to under-served communities in northern California. The company felt it was necessary to migrate off their analog
platform to provide an improved experience for their customers and to compete with the DBS providers in their area. Lopes also said that they serve many vacation homes because of their proximity to Yosemite National Park, and that those folks expect video services comparable to what they are used to, and the Innovative solution exceeds that expectation.

Press Release

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