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Campaign Promotes VOD with Sweepstakes Opportunity

Sherman Oaks, CA, March 23, 2010 – Avail-TVN, the largest digital media services company in North America, today announced details of its sixth national “Watch to Win” campaign. From March 23 to April 26, when a consumer at any participating operator watches a free On Demand movie trailer from the Watch to Win category, they will be automatically entered to win. The campaign features three high profile movies, “The Blind Side,” “Brothers,” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, all of which are day and date with DVD.

The “Watch to Win” promotion will be available to viewers in nearly four million households through service providers such as Charter Communications, Suddenlink Communications, and Mediacom Communications and will appear as a folder on Operators’ VOD menus. Prizes differ from operator to operator and can include an HD “bundle” that includes an HDTV set, home-theatre system and installation, and one year of complimentary digital cable service.

The Avail-TVN “Watch to Win” promotion is offered to Avail-TVN affiliates as a turn-key solution to increase buy rates and encourage usage of the VOD platform. In previous “Watch to Win” campaigns, the movie titles that were included performed, on average, 82% better for affiliates that participated in the promotion. In addition to managing the promotion, Avail-TVN provides affiliates with marketing creative including a sweepstakes cross-channel spot, barker support and web materials.

“Increasingly, consumers have the movie store in their house,” said Brian Matthews, Avail-TVN’s chief marketing officer. “Avail-TVN’s ‘Watch to Win’ promotion complements the industry campaign ‘The Video Store Just Moved In’™ to drive consumer awareness of the latest new releases, with the greatest convenience and quality. Affiliates that participated in previous ‘Watch to Win’ campaigns saw an increase in movie buy rates among current and new users of VOD, even beyond the titles included in the promotion. This campaign is designed not only to help boost purchases of the three promotional titles, but to have a broader impact for affiliates by helping to drive usage overall.”

Avail-TVN has over 8,000 hours of video on demand programming from over 200 providers, including every major movie studio, premium and basic cable television network, broadcast television networks, as well as providers working only in On Demand.

Press Release

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