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Atlanta, GA — March 26, 2024 — ETI Software Solutions, a leading telecommunications software provider, is proud to introduce Broadband Label Genie ( On this automated platform, ISPs can easily stay in compliance with FCC Broadband Label requirements.

“These labels are based on the familiar nutrition labels we see on packaged foods,” said Jeff Fraleigh, President, ETI Software. “It makes broadband services more transparent to the consumer, but it also puts the onus on busy ISPs to stay compliant each time they create a service offering.”

“As you delve into the specifications demanded by the FCC, you find that it can easily take up many man-hours to enter and manage these products,” said ETI’s Vice President of Product Innovation, Rhyan Neble. “But at ETI, we already manage elaborate product catalogs for providers with millions of subscribers. We realized we could automate that functionality and make it accessible to all providers.”

Providers can simply visit to use Broadband Label Genie to automatically calculate, enter, create and store product labels. Each label must include a myriad of information, including:

  • Service Speeds: Accurate details about the expected download and upload speeds.
  • Pricing information: Comprehensive breakdown of costs, including monthly fees, installation charges, and any potential increases or additional fees.
  • Data Policies: Clear information on data caps or allowances, and the policies for exceeding them.
  • Contractual Terms: Terms of the service, including contract length, cancellation policies, and any other relevant conditions.
  • Network Management: Details on how the provider manages its network, including any practices that may affect service quality.

With Broadband Label Genie, providers can simply upload the information to the database and the label will then be created and shared with the provider to print and post. The information will be stored for three years, per FCC mandate. “Label Genie also automatically updates the labels when and if the FCC changes them,” said Neble. “It’s using the power of automation to stay in compliance.”

ETI Software is offering a free webinar on April 9, 2024, to educate providers on the FCC requirements and give a demo of how to get started with Broadband Label Genie.

For more information about Label Genie, contact Priscilla Berarducci at or visit

Press Release

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