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SAN JOSE, CA – July 30, 2020 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today announced Wisper Internet has selected Calix and the Revenue EDGE solution to help grow its subscriber base by more than 400 percent after conducting extensive competitive analysis and solution testing. Wisper recognizes that the Revenue EDGE from Calix is the best option on the market to help execute a full-scale business transformation by delivering the ultimate subscriber experience.

The Revenue EDGE will equip Wisper with the GigaSpire BLAST u6 (part of Calix Wi-Fi 6 certified EDGE Systems, powered by EXOS®), which will allow it to deliver performance that is far superior to Wi-Fi 5 systems. Wisper also looks forward to deploying the GigaSpire BLAST u4, which blends consumer industrial design, the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, and carrier-class reliability. Calix Support Cloud will provide Wisper customer support with data-driven insights and control of subscriber networks and connected devices, while Calix Marketing Cloud will give Wisper’s marketing team valuable analytics and insights into subscriber behavior and network usage patterns. Calix Customer Success Services will extend the capabilities of its support and marketing teams, accelerating time-to-value after deployment. Finally, the Calix EDGE Enablement program will accelerate Wisper’s efforts to distribute marketing and education materials to subscribers under its own trusted and respected brand.

“Through our evaluation, there were a lot of things that stood out about Calix,” said Nathan Stooke, CEO of Wisper. “First, Calix is the only team that allows Wisper to give subscribers a customized, fully managed Wi-Fi 6 experience. Even before the pandemic, Wisper was finely attuned to the challenges so many people in rural markets encounter—driving to local fast food places or staying at school longer to connect to Internet because they don’t have it at home. Now that many subscribers are operating almost fully from home, it’s vital we deliver the kind of cutting-edge capabilities and performance that only Calix can help us provide. Second, they understand the power of data and how those insights will guide our decision-making as we embark on tremendous growth. Finally, we wanted all the benefits that accompany being part of the Calix community, which features exceptional partners, experts, and leaders. We know Calix will listen, put our brand first, and be a great long-term partner. We look forward to a bright future of joint success.”

Founded in 2003, Illinois-based wireless Internet service provider (WISP) Wisper is one of the most influential WISPs in North America. Chief Executive Officer Nathan Stooke has spent 17 years building the company into a competitive Internet provider focused on providing Internet service to tens of thousands of happy subscribers in rural areas where service had previously been spotty or absent. The company currently delivers fixed wireless broadband services across four states. Wisper plans to grow its subscriber base exponentially—by 80,000 over the next five years and 500,000 over the next 10. Wisper set these aggressive subscriber growth targets after securing Connect America Funds Phase II (CAF II) in an ambitious bid to expand rural communities’ access to high quality broadband and related services.

Wisper subscribers will enjoy access to several cloud-based solutions and apps (all of which Calix continuously updates, expands, and improves) unique to the Revenue EDGE, including:

  • Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi: The GigaSpire® BLAST u6 delivers industry-best Wi-Fi 6 coverage as part of a fully managed solution with Calix Support Cloud.
  • Personalized Subscriber Experience: The Wisper branded CommandIQ™ mobile app provides a customized experience while enabling the support and marketing teams to build a strong relationship with the subscriber via the mobile notification capabilities.
  • Expanding Ecosystem of Revenue Generating Suites: The Revenue EDGE solution is uniquely architected to integrate new ecosystem products as Calix partners with customers to identify the highest value solutions for the market. Beginning with ProtectIQ™ for virus and attack protection and ExperienceIQ™ for parental controls, Wisper will benefit from the ever-expanding suite ecosystem to improve subscribers’ experiences and create new sources of revenue.

“Calix is built on long-term relationships with communications service providers, and we’re excited about the partnership with Wisper,” said Michael Weening, EVP of global operations for Calix. “Wisper is a true innovator and has a long history of building strong and trusting relationships with subscribers. The Revenue EDGE solution allows us to help Wisper raise the bar for the subscriber experience, capture critical market insights, and innovate at a rapid pace. Our product, support, and customer success teams look forward to contributing to Wisper’s success as the company quadruples its business in the coming years.”

Get more information on the Revenue EDGE, the Wi-Fi 6 certified EDGE Systems, or Calix solutions tailored to WISPs.

Press Release

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