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February 26, 2014 — Cameron, WI – Citing a commitment to cost and operational efficiency that they hadn’t seen in the past, Mosaic Telecom has decided to cap and grow their customers onto the APMAX IPTV Middleware solution. According to Preston Pearson, Mosaic’s Technical Operations Officer, “We weren’t seeing the type of features from both the customer side and on the support side that Innovative is offering and felt that moving forward our main objective is to offer a good product with good support that would reduce our operational expenses.” Pearson adds, “We are dealing with multiple video systems, IPTV and Cable, in our territory and far and away have found that this system has been the easiest to set up and deploy to our customers.”

A Good Fit Front to Back
According to Pearson, anything that they can do to maintain a sticky, competitive advantage is important and cites APMAX’s Weather App and the integrated voice messaging that their customers can manage from their TVs as two big winners for them in the switch.

The other big advantage for the switch from Pearson’s perspective is the ability to solve simple customer needs like a set top box reboot without having to make a costly service call. While they have only had this ability for a short time Pearson believes this will be a show stopper in cost efficiency savings which is essential for all telecoms these days.

Press Release

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