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March 06, 2018 — KIRKLAND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wave Broadband (Wave), a gigabit fiber and broadband services company, today announced the launch of its DDoS Mitigation service, taking a more proactive stance in the cybersecurity marketplace. The service is available to current and prospective clients of Wave Business to protect networks from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Backed by Arbor Networks technology, Wave’s DDoS Mitigation service works by monitoring all ingress points to the company’s fiber-optic network in real-time. Dangerous or malicious traffic directed towards a Wave Business internet subscriber is identified and resolved within seconds, and customers receive updates on the resolution. Wave offers the service to clients as a subscription or on a per-event basis, making it a prime solution for companies with cloud-based networking systems or large, mission-critical events to safeguard.

According to the Kaspersky Lab’s annual IT Security Risks Survey, in 2017 33% of businesses reported DDoS attacks—up from just 17% in 2016—across 98 countries. More than half of the companies victimized also reported that DDoS attacks were used as a smokescreen to hide other types of cybercrime like malware, data leaks, and financial theft. DDoS attacks work by flooding an online service or website with unsolicited and overwhelming traffic. Under the strain of such a demand, network performance can slow to a crawl or even shut down entirely. Once compromised, company computers can become “zombified” and join the ranks of attackers without owners even knowing. Companies can try to limit the amount of traffic in, but this action will also lock out legitimate users, and targeting specific traffic can be difficult because attackers often disguise their addresses.

According to Forrester, “58% of global security decision makers at enterprise firms reported that they are highly concerned about an IT outage affecting customer-facing systems.” Companies experiencing “slow internet days” can discover they’re in the grips of a DDoS attack which is slowly eating away at their systems and costing them lost revenue, employee downtime, and potentially affecting hardware.

“While DDoS attacks are becoming more widely known, oftentimes we see a lack of awareness as to the risk,” said Patrick Knorr, EVP of Business Solutions with Wave. “The 42% of firms from the Forrester study that aren’t concerned assume that their businesses will not be targeted. But more often than not, attackers hit companies at random until they find a vulnerability to exploit. All industries are at risk of these attacks.”

Interested companies can learn more about Wave’s DDoS Mitigation product at: Wave can scale and price the offering for any customer based on factors such as size of company and demand, with availability on either an event or subscription basis.

Press Release

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