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NewCore Wireless, the leading full-service hosted wireless switching provider, announced today that Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative (BIT Communications), a telecommunications service provider in Virginia, has chosen NewCore Wireless to host their 4G/LTE network. BIT Communications provides wireless communications services and products in south central Virginia.

The new partnership provides BIT with the ability to cost effectively offer wireless services through the NewCore Wireless platform, offering higher data speeds to their rural customers. The new partnership continues the momentum of Tier 3 carriers working together to create cost effective, shared wireless solutions to subscribers in underserved communities. Leveraging NewCore Wireless’ scale, BIT is able to cost effectively enable higher data speeds to subscribers, expand their services and continue their mission to offer quality products at competitive prices.

“We are proud to partner with NewCore Wireless to offer the latest services to our subscribers,” said Michele Taylor, General Manager at BIT Communications. “It remains a struggle for Tier 3 operators like us to compete in the marketplace. Partnering with NewCore Wireless allows us to work together to create an economy of scale that simply makes sense.”

NewCore Wireless’ mission is to ensure that underserved communities have the same access to wireless communication services as those in larger communities through shared resources. This partnership continues to demonstrate the value and opportunities that arise when operators band together with shared resources like LTE networks, engineering services, operations and personnel.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by BIT Communications,” said Albert Kangas, General Manger and COO of NewCore Wireless. “We look forward to helping them carry out their mission of providing the latest quality services and products at competitive prices and exceptional performance. We feel strongly that partnering and working together in this industry will ensure the longevity of rural operators, and we look forward to assisting BIT in their future successes.”

NewCore Wireless is a full-service hosted wireless switching provider offering solutions to carriers. They provide technology platforms capable of switching 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) wireless services, as well as Value Added Services like SMS, MMS, voicemail, prepaid, E911, CALEA and CMAS that allow small carriers the opportunity to compete on the same level as Tier 1 carriers.

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