In a “sign of the times” legal claim, is suing for false advertising, claiming one of their famous “Chad” commercials is misleading. In the commercial, Alltel claims that VZW subscribers have to extend their contract when changing plans. A similar move with Alltel does not require extending a contract. Verizon is crying foul, saying since Oct. 1, 2007, VZW subscribers no longer have to extend contracts when changing plans. Only recently have some wireless carriers revisited that long standing industry wide practice of extending contracts. Many carriers still enforce such a rule. Among other remedies, VZW is demanding that Alltel stop the commercial campaign.

Lawsuit aside, you have to give it to Alltel for having the “gall” to take on their much larger wireless rivals. Alltel has always had somewhat of a “scrappy” mentality and doesn’t concede anything to their competitors.

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