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WILLCOX, AZ and NEW ORLEANS, LA – August 6th, 2018 – Servato, leading provider of active battery management solutions to telecom, power, transportation, and solar companies, announced today that Valley Telephone of Willcox, AZ will be joining other service providers currently deploying Servato’s battery management systems across the country.

Over the course of the coming year, Valley will retrofit existing sites and add new sites with Servato’s patented service assurance technologies enabling Valley Telephone to deliver uninterrupted services to their customers. Servato plans to expand its management & monitoring services to include other key site infrastructure components. Valley’s investment in the network using Servato’s technology will serve as the foundation for an even more reliable network especially during power outages in Arizona and New Mexico where distance to and between sites can delay restoration of service.

Valley Telephone Cooperative was founded in 1962 after the underserved population of rural southeastern Arizona and southeastern New Mexico banded together to create a new service offering. The remaining century brought new opportunities for Valley to serve the people in surrounding regions by initially offering landline voice services and now additionally providing enhanced High-Speed Internet and business services. Now fifty-six years after establishment, Valley continues to impress its communities by ensuring reliability for over 7,000 rural customers.

Today, twenty rural communities have connectivity through Valley Telephone Cooperative. These small communities now have similar opportunities to those in urbanized areas because of the commitment to serve a customer despite the rural landscape. Valley’s sprawling network is a challenge to maintain; however, their forward-thinking investment in Servato’s data platform streamlines it all.

“As a customer myself, I’m looking forward to the improved reliability that Servato products are bringing to our infrastructure. And as an employee I’m proud of how we look to the future to constantly improve and upgrade the services we provide our customers.” Heath Bowen – Network Manager.

Network Operators can have confidence with Servato installed. The backup batteries will provide expected backup power when required, especially during unpredictable, inclement weather. Streamlining recovery efforts, doubling battery life, remotely managing and monitoring battery health, and predicting rectifier and battery failures has empowered providers across the country to provide enhanced reliable services to their customers. The majority of the remote carriers have been commissioned into service already with anticipation of the remainder of the project being complete by 2019.

Press Release

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