TV EverywhereTV Everywhere (TVE) isn’t a widely recognized brand name, but awareness of TVE is on the rise, particularly among young Gen Y and X adults, according to new market research results from GfK. More than half (53 percent) of consumers in pay-TV homes have used TVE to watch shows on a computer, mobile device or TV set.

That’s 10 percent higher than it was in 2012, GfK highlights in a press release. Furthermore, mobile devices are clearly the primary driver of growth in TVE use. Monthly use of mobile apps and websites from TV signal providers and networks have both doubled since 2012. In contrast, viewers accessed traditional TVE websites via computers at about the same rates they did three years ago, GfK noted.

TV Everywhere Awareness
Despite growing TVE use, only 25 percent of viewers 13-64 said they had heard of TVE. That was essentially unchanged from 2012, according to GfK. In addition, many appeared to be unaware of key TVE features, even though they said they found it easy to find programs they want to watch and sign in.

Results published in GfK’s ¨TV Everywhere 2015¨ report also reveal that more than 4 in 10 (42 percent) of pay-TV households have used TVE offerings from signal providers, while 46 percent have used TV network services.

“Consumer education continues to be a critical missing piece of the puzzle for TV Everywhere,” GfK SVP, Media and Entertainment David Tice was quoted as saying. “With a notable proportion of people in pay TV homes already using TVE, greater awareness and understanding of the services could drive even higher adoption.

“Greater success of TV Everywhere could help pay-TV services stave off becoming ‘dumb’ broadband pipes, and also assist TV networks in maintaining their status as the original aggregators of high quality video content.”

Unsurprisingly, younger adults made greater use of TVE services. Use of mobile TVE sites and apps, as well as smart TV apps by Gen Y viewers (ages 13-35) and Gen X viewers (ages 36-49) were 2-4 times higher than those for Baby Boomers (50-64). That pattern holds for TVE services that originate from TV network and service provider offerings.

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