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MADISON, Wis. (April 26, 2016) –– Worldwide 23 million mobile devices are infected with malicious software known as malware. A form of hostile software, malware is used to disrupt computer operations, gather critical user data, and display unwanted advertising. To help combat this ever-growing threat, TDS Telecommunications Corp. (TDS®) announces the launch of Hacker Alert for Android devices.

Hacker Alert lives on TDS’ network and continuously analyzes customer’s mobile device web traffic for security threats. If Hacker Alert finds something, customers will receive an alert on their mobile device along with suggested steps for removal.

Casey Thompson, a Product Development Manager with TDS Telecom says, “Protecting your home network and critical data is no longer about just guarding your PC. Now, criminals can gain access to all your devices, using malware they place on your cell phone. You need multiple layers of security, which Hacker Alert provides.”

Until now, Hacker Alert was only available to protect the home networks of TDS customers. Now, current and future customers can add Hacker Alert and add the new security tool to their Android device for free by visiting Google’s Play Store. TDS customers can search “Hacker Alert” and click install.

For more information, visit or call 866-734-0704.

Press Release

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