wireless towerT-Mobile has expanded the T-Mobile LTE Advanced footprint to more than 920 markets. T-Mobile claims the 920 markets surpass those of other carriers that have deployed LTE Advanced technology.

T-Mobile also said it has three speed-boosting technologies – carrier aggregation, 4X4 MIMO and 256 QAM – live in 430 of the LTE Advanced markets. With LTE Advanced, a user can double previous download speeds, according to T-Mobile and vendor partner Qualcomm, then can double speeds again with the combination of carrier aggregation, 4X4 MIMO and 256 QAM.

Accessing these LTE Advanced technologies in both the device and the network increases capacity, improves spectral efficiency, reduces congestion and delivers faster real-world speeds. That means T-Mobile customers with capable devices could get Gigabit Class LTE download speeds in 430 markets.

“Not only do we have a nationwide LTE footprint that’s every bit as broad as the Duopoly’s, and the fastest according to multiple third parties — it also keeps getting faster,” said Neville Ray, T-Mobile chief technology officer, in a prepared statement.

T-Mobile also unveiled plans to launch License Assisted Access (LAA), another advanced LTE technology. LAA taps into unlicensed spectrum and will be used on small cells this year to further densify the network to increase capacity and speed.

T-Mobile has been rolling out LTE Advanced technologies in the network since 2014 and according to the company, was first globally with 4X4 MIMO and first in the US with 256 QAM.

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