stethoscopeNearly 100% of senior citizens (95 percent) would use high-tech devices and/or services to monitor and manage heart health if recommended by doctors, according to a survey conducted by iTOK, “a technology advisory company that helps older adults get the most from their computers and devices.” Thirty percent of seniors surveyed already use the technology.

Interest in Heart Health Technology
In addition, 91 percent said they would use technology to manage heart health if it would lower their insurance costs. Heart rate monitors/pacemakers are the most commonly used device.

“Despite the common perception that aging adults have a skeptical attitude towards technology, the survey results show them to be extremely responsive to engaging with it,” iTOK CEO Seth Bailey was quoted as saying.

“We’ve seen a plethora of new health-related technologies and devices enter the market within the last year, and that will continue to increase as baby boomers grow older. These results should be encouraging to medical professionals and healthcare technology companies as they develop new products targeted to our aging population.”

Release of iTOK’s Healthy Heart survey report coincides with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) American Heart Month.

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