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Charter Communications, Inc., yesterday announced a new pricing plan for Spectrum Mobile customers that starts at $29.99/month per line for customers with at least two Spectrum Mobile lines.

The newly unveiled plan provides further savings over the Unlimited Plus service for Spectrum Mobile customers, announced a year ago.

The current $45/month remains for customers with a single line. Prices include all taxes and fees and doesn’t include a long-term contract.

Existing Spectrum Mobile customers can qualify for the multi-line discount by adding new Unlimited lines to their account. Customers can also qualify for the new multi-line pricing by combining By the Gig lines with Unlimited lines. All Spectrum Mobile data plans include no contracts, nationwide 5G access; unlimited talk and texting; the flexibility to change rate plans as needed for no additional cost and interest-free monthly installment plans.

The new pricing plan is part of Spectrum Mobile’s converged network strategy to provide customers with high-speed internet and WiFi with 5G and 4G LTE cellular service.

Source: Charter

“With our new Unlimited pricing, Spectrum Mobile customers now have access to the best multi-line pricing in the wireless industry, with even more flexibility to mix and match their data plans to suit their needs, while enjoying our superior performance and connectivity,” said Danny Bowman, Charter Communications chief mobile officer, in a prepared statement.

“Spectrum Mobile literally puts the power of our high-speed internet into the palm of a customer’s hand using our converged WiFi and cellular network so they can text, stream, work and talk seamlessly on the go or in their home.”

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22 thoughts on “Spectrum Mobile Gets Aggressive with New Pricing Plan for Multi-Line Customers

  1. Spectrum mobile unlimited special is not for existing customers . They wont let you switch. If you leave and come back, they wont give you the special because you were already a customer. Please correct your article.

    1. Thx so much!! I just spent 1hr 23min and talked to 5.. ( yes 5!!) different people before the last person told me that the first line has to be the $45 unlimited then each additional line is $29.99 even if I did cancel and call back to put it in my fiancé’s name! Right before she put on hold and then my call was dropped 😡😡😡 21 yrs with it was Nextel and they didn’t value loyalty either. .

    2. My mobile bill went from $45 dollars to $81 dollars per month. With NO changes. When I called to ask why. They can’t even find my master account
      I’m gonna have to switch carriers. I can get one line a lot cheaper than $81 dollars per month

    3. I agree. Their advertisement is misleading, bordering on fraudulent advertising. The Customer Support told me those phones (I got 3 lines on 3 phones) should only be in the By Gig Plan for one month to qualify for $29.99.

      1. Yeah for my line it went from 45$@ month to 129.00 a month because I dropped my home Internet service so they thought they would give me the shaft. They told me it was only for home Internet subscribers only.. False advertising.

  2. Why is this for new customers only? Nowhere in your advertising ,including on TV, does it say for existing customers. I just returned from your store and felt like you didn’t appreciate us as customers. Real stupid advertising.

    1. I said this as well! I watched the commercials 4 times. I even paused it to read the fine print and didn’t see any of it!!😡

  3. In the fine print it says existing customers with one line qualify if they add another line.. please clarify this your article says existing customers get the deal everyone from charter says you don’t if you are an existing customer …. Try to press you charter source and help out the existing Customers

  4. This is a shame that existing customers cannot take advantage of this price. We still have to pay the $45 per line for unlimited. When customers start leaving to take advantage of better prices this will only hurt their business. They should extend this to existing customers if they wish to keep them. The difference of paying $90 for two lines unlimited or paying $59.99 for 2 lines unlimited is going to make a lot of existing customers upset and willing to switch cell phone companies. I know I will now be shopping around.

  5. I think what spectrum is doing to existing customers is awful. I have 2 lines and one line is by the gig and the other is unlimited but I was told by representative that I didn’t qualify for new $29,99 rates. So their ads are very misleading and definitely false advertising. I have recommended a lot if people to them for all there products. I have 2 mobile lines as well as home internet/wifi and cable TV as well as home phone. I will be checking for another company that might appreciate loyal customers. I’m sure I will not be the only one.

  6. I am an existing customer and asked for the the new rates, the representative said unfortunately this doesn’t apply to existing customers. I said your right, that is unfortunate that Spectrum Mobile would treat their loyal users this way. This certainly irritates me enough to look around. I recommended this service to so many people, no gimmicks, straight easy pricing, no taxes and fees that change every pay cycle. This is a huge negative, like other commenters pointed out for 2 lines $90 vs $60 is a huge difference.

  7. Don’t think these comments are directly plugged into Spectrum to see or read. Go directly to a Spectrum outlet and post your dissatisfaction for them to see and all current customers too.

  8. I’ve been with Spectrum for over 3 years. I have one line Unlimited and one line Unlimited Plus. You would think they would look out for the existing customers. My phones will be paid off in 2 months and I am seriously considering switching. I’ll own a Note 20 and my son will own a IPhone 11 I think. We can go grab some of those Walmart prepaid phone plans and get the same reception. They keep going up on internet rates and the customer service for mobile is horrible. You hurt companies by hurting their pockets. I bet if they lose 200,000 to 300,000 customers their attitudes will change.

  9. I just saw the phone commercial and Googled to see if Spectrum hiked the cost annually …. I landed here. I’m with Verizon and it too has its problems but nothing like Spectrum. Earlier this year I got WiFi from Spectrum. I’ve been resisting Spectrum for years but there’s not many options here in Bay Park, San Diego. Based on my limited interaction with them I would say their customer service skills are “non-existent.” When calling in re an issue it seems the reps come on the phone determined for an argument. I even had an altercation with one of the people at their store in Clairemont. Not nice AT ALL!! There is nothing “warm and fuzzy” about Spectrum. Shame because they have good services. They just need a major attitude adjustment. Try taking a leaf out of Costco’s book.

  10. Just got off phone with rep. My bill actually went down to the $29 per line I have 2 but I was very VERY persistent. I talked to the retention department and it was escalated to a supervisor who got an EAR FULL. But it must of worked.

    1. Same here I talked to the Retention deptment and got our 2 lines to the 29.99 price,even thou we were existing customers but we been customers long time with cable internet services and a year with mobile service, but I was persistent. Think this 29.99 mobile price should be for everyone not just new customers,existing customers need to get low price also for being loyal customers.

  11. Same here I talked to the Retention deptment and got our 2 lines to the 29.99 price,even thou we were existing customers but we been customers long time with cable internet services and a year with mobile service, but I was persistent. Think this 29.99 mobile price should be for everyone not just new customers,existing customers need to get low price also for being loyal customers.

  12. After talking with various representatives and experts several times and trying to clarify their ads, I just had to discontinue Spectrum services. They just don’t seem to care about “ existing customers” which means they are making the existing customers subsidize new customers at the expense of loyal customers.

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