Facebook’s Terragraph millimeter-wave technology will be incorporated in Siklu’s third generation 5G mmWave network equipment, according to the vendor. Terragraph technology uses V-band spectrum at 60GHz. The Siklu Terragraph 5G deal targets fiber extension through cities, including hard to access areas.

“We are excited to deliver reliable gigabit connectivity to potentially millions of people around the world using Terragraph technologies,” Siklu CEO Eyal Assa said in a press release. “Siklu has more than a decade of experience in this field with more than 80,000 units deployed and over 170 connected Smart Cities worldwide. We look forward to bringing this experience to the Terragraph ecosystem.”

Siklu said that its third generation MultiHaul of 60GHz gigabit access products have been deployed to residential and business customers in 45 countries. The products combine advanced RF and beam forming at base units and terminal units. Installation is made easier by the WiNDE Network Planning tool and a terminal unit that is only a bit larger than an average smartphone, according to Siklu.

Siklu says that its products are used for 5G deployments and, since they are capable of supporting video security, WiFi backhaul, municipal networks and similar demand applications, are a good platform for smart city projects.

Terragraph is a fiber extension and densification project. In May 2018, Qualcomm said that it will integrate Terragraph into its pre-802.11ay chipsets. 802.11ay is designed to boost WiFi performance. At the time, the companies said that trials of an integrated solution would start during the middle of this year.

In February of last year, Nokia and Facebook said that they would work together on Terragraph trials leveraging the vendor’s worldwide delivery capabilities and wireless passive optional network (WPON) technology. The two companies also said that they will work together to accelerate the promulgation of the 802.11ay standard. The plan was to support 802.11ay with Nokia WPON and Terragraph’s TDMA scheduling techniques.

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