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According to leading customer experience management provider Sitel, there will be 50 billion connected devices across the globe by 2020, creating an interconnected world often referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The year 2020 is only five short years away, and if you are in the business of providing the network connectivity that enables IoT, the time to prepare for this exploding business opportunity is now.

It’s estimated that the IoT will collectively generate over $3 trillion in global revenue. Business opportunities of this scale only rarely occur. Smart network service providers are exploring their potential role in it and determining strategies to seize it.

Securing the Internet of Things
One area to consider is helping secure it. With this explosion of connected devices and constant connectivity, network and device security needs will multiply exponentially. The evidence is already mounting. Consider these trends:

  • Malware infections on smartphones increased 25% in 2014 over 2013
  • 1/3 of Americans don’t change their passwords enough, often going a year or more without changing them
  • Android devices have now caught up with Windows based PCs/Laptops as the primary workhorse of cybercrime

Indeed, securing the IoT will not only be critical for its success, but will also represent a growing business opportunity for service providers. SecurityCoverage recently published an informative infographic, illustrating the explosive business opportunity that securing the IoT represents.

Download this infographic here.

Even with high profile cybercrime and hacking cases like what happened in 2014 at national retailer Target, subscribers still leave themselves open to significant malware threats. As they embrace the IoT, subscribers will look to service providers to help keep them, their devices, and their data secure.

We at SecurityCoverage believe there is a growing and significant business opportunity in providing this security and protection. We’re actively studying the security implications of the IoT and will continue to provide insight and solutions that help our partners prepare and prosper in this rapidly evolving IoT environment.

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