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Ronan, MT – After a thorough review process, Ronan Telephone has chosen Innovative Systems to deliver IPTV middleware for their new video system that will serve their cable television subscribers in western Montana.

“Our relationship with Innovative Systems goes back a long time and we have always appreciated the customer service. One of the things we were really sold on with the middleware is the Virtual Remote™ and its ability to take control of a subscribers set top box.,” said Ronan’s President and Operations Manager, Rosa Tougas. Tougas also added, “Having an APMAX in place for our enhanced voice services was also a factor in our decision. We liked the idea of delivering voice and video from one piece of hardware with built-in redundancy and subscriber management tools. IPTV is quite complicated and having a single vendor delivering so many pieces was very attractive for our company.”

Bob Cornwall, IPTV Technical Coordinator at Ronan, echoed Tougas’s comment regarding one system for multiple services and added, “Another factor that weighed into our decision process at Ronan was the fact that Innovative Systems has a fully functional head-end located in house, giving them significant testing resources of the software before shipping it to the customer. Unlike voice services, video in a person’s home gets quite a workout and having Innovative Systems’ employees and families actually using the video service before it gets to us is a big deal.”

According to Howard Fuller, Innovative Systems West Region Account Manager, “It was a good learning experience for us to be part of such a thorough review process and we look forward to expanding our relationship with Ronan as they move into the IPTV space.” Fuller also added, “I am confident that Ronan will be able to deliver video features that the other competitors can’t, like Android wireless and Web DVR control.”

Press Release

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