iPhone5Apple and Samsung are the only two smartphone manufacturers to show consistent, steady increases through 2013, according to InsightExpress’ latest quarterly “Digital Consumer Portrait” report. Samsung was the fastest growing brand name smartphone manufacturer worldwide through 3Q 2013, as it continues to gain ground on market-share leader Apple, the report notes.

InsightExpress analysts anticipate the two market leaders’ ongoing competition setting “the stage for an even more competitive 2014 for these two mobile giants,” according to a press release.

Samsung’s worldwide smartphone market share reached 36% in 3Q, up from 33% and 29% in this year’s second and first quarters, respectively. Other Android smartphone manufacturers accounted for another 18% of the market, up from 16% in 2Q and level with 18% in 1Q. Apple gained one percentage point of market share in 3Q, to reach 39%, up from 38% in 2Q and 37% in 1Q.

HTC’s and Blackberry’s market shares have been falling throughout the year. HTC’s share totaled 12% in 3Q, down from 13% the previous quarter and 16% in 1Q, while Blackberry racked up a 7% market share, down from 8% in 2Q and 11% in 1Q. Motorola accounted for 9% of the smartphone market, even with 2Q’s market share down from 11% in 1Q.

Nokia accounted for 4% of the smartphone market in 3Q, level with its 2Q market share, but down from 6% in 1Q. Other Windows Phone smartphones made up 7% of the market in 3Q, steady with 2Q and up from 5% in 1Q 2013.

Examining smartphone user behavior, InsightExpress found higher levels of engagement among iPhone owners as compared to those owning Samsung handsets. According to the market research company’s findings, iPhone owners are more likely to participate in social media activities at least once per day, such as:

  • Using social networking sites (83% Apple, 74% Samsung)
  • Managing calendars (63% Apple, 52% Samsung)
  • Taking or sharing pictures (54% Apple, 38% Samsung)

iPhone owners are also more likely to shop online, and a significantly higher percentage are likely to scan a bar code (36% vs. 22%) and purchase products or services (35% vs. 20%).

Samsung smartphone owners were just as likely to download music to their mobile devices as were iPhone users, despite the dominance of Apple’s iTunes.

InsightExpress analysts also examined iPhone users’ assessments of Apple’s new iOS7 mobile operating system (OS). “Roughly 7 in 10 iPhone owners have downloaded iOS7 to the iPhone,” they found.

Males are more likely than females to be satisfied with iOS7, though satisfaction is on the high side across genders, with males rating it an 8 on a 10-point scale and females a 7.

Based on their experiences with iOS7, 8 in 10 iPhone owners are likely to buy another iPhone, according to InsightExpress. “However, the roughly 2 in 10 iPhone owners who are unsure or unlikely to purchase another iPhone are most likely to shift to Samsung for their next smartphone purchase,” they add.

“Overall, roughly two thirds of total iPhone users have a more positive opinion of Apple after the introduction of the iOS7 operating system,” the report authors state.

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