connected-deviceOne-third of Americans living in broadband households are “highly interested” in connected-car features, such as online music/audio technology, according to new market research from Parks Associates.

Just 16% said they are very interested in online video features for passengers. Expressed interest in both instances “skews strongly toward smartphone owners,” Parks highlighted in a press release.

One-third of car owners, and over 50% of luxury car owners, now have connected-car capabilities, and most of them use the features on at least a monthly basis,” Parks’ senior analyst Jennifer Kent was quoted as saying.

“The ability to play MP3 files on the car stereo is most common by far, but communication features such as the ability to listen to texts/email read aloud are becoming more popular. Twenty percent of U.S. vehicle owners in broadband households have this feature.”

Connected-car features for navigation, vehicle performance information, and hands-free calling elicited the strongest interest among those surveyed. In contrast, one-half of drivers didn’t find website access or access to news apps appealing.

“The rapid growth in smartphone adoption combined with the development of a robust app industry has educated consumers on the benefits and possibilities of in-car connectivity,” Kent added. “Smartphone owners are far more likely to value connected car capabilities, and roughly three-quarters of those valuing connected car capabilities have smartphones.”

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