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Ookla has released the Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis for the first quarter of this year. T-Mobile had the fastest mobile speeds and Charter Spectrum had the fastest fixed broadband.

T-Mobile had a download speed category with a speed of 165.22 Mbps, which was more than double the speeds of runner-up Verizon Wireless’s 75.40 Mbps. AT&T was third at 68.20 Mbps.

In the fixed broadband category, Charter Spectrum, at 234.80 Mbps, had the fastest median download speeds, followed by Comcast XFINITY (232.85 Mbps), Cox (219.20 Mbps), Altice Optimum (195.97 Mbps) and Frontier (190.15 Mbps).

T-Mobile was the top performer in numerous mobile performance categories. Results for fixed broadband performance were mixed.


On the upload side, T-Mobile again was fastest, at 12.99 Mbps. It was followed by Verizon Wireless at 9.87 Mbps and AT&T at 8.14 Mbps.

Results in the median multi-server latency category were a bit closer, though the winner was the same. T-Mobile took the category at 55ms, Verizon Wireless was second at 57ms and AT&T third at 60ms.

T-Mobile also was atop the consistency category, which is a measure of the percentage of time the provider offers service of at least 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps uploads. The carrier finished at 87.3%. It was followed by Verizon Wireless at 83.5% and AT&T at 81.6%.

The 5G performance category was won by T-Mobile at 220.70 Mbps. It beat out Verizon Wireless at 132.72 and AT&T at 86.46 Mbps.

Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile tied atop the median 5G multi-server latency category at 53ms, with AT&T third at 59ms.

In the 5G availability category, T-Mobile finished ahead at 71.1%. AT&T was at 68.7% and Verizon Wireless at 37.6%. This metric measures the percentage of time that users on 5G-capable devices spend on 5G.

T-Mobile was tops In the 5G consistency category at 77.4%, with Verizon Wireless at 76.6% and AT&T at 68.6%.

The fastest five states were Minnesota, Rhode Island, Illinois, New Jersey and New York. T-Mobile was the fastest provider in each case. The fastest city speeds were in Glendale, AZ; St. Paul, MN; Kansas City, MO; Scottsdale, AZ and Plano, TX. All the leading states and cities are served by T-Mobile.

Fixed Broadband

On the fixed broadband side, Frontier had the fastest upload speeds at 151.0 Mbps. It was followed by AT&T Internet (139.79 Mbps), Verizon (96.59 Mbps), Altice Optimum (29.57 Mbps) and Comcast XFINITY (21.29 Mbps)

Verizon was tops in the median multi-server latency category at 15ms. It was followed by Frontier (17ms), AT&T Internet and Altice Optimum (both at 23ms) and Comcast XFINITY (24ms).

Charter Spectrum had the highest consistency score, which is a measure of how frequently providers provide 25 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps upload speeds. Charter did so 91.8% of the time, a hair better than Comcast XFINITY’s 91.7%. The rest of the top five were Cox (90.7%), Altice Optimum (89.3%) and Verizon (88.6%).

The top five fastest states were Delaware (where Comcast was the fastest provider), Rhode Island (Verizon), Connecticut (Frontier), New Jersey (Verizon) and New York (Verizon). The top five cities were Raleigh, NC (Google Fiber), Irvine, CA (Google Fiber), Jersey City, NJ (Verizon), Lincoln NE (Allo) and San Antonio, TX (Google Fiber).

In April 2022, Ookla reported that T-Mobile had the fastest median mobile download speed and Verizon had the fastest fixed broadband downloads at 184.36 Mbps.

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