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Herndon, VA, July 13, 2022 – NRTC, a member-driven and technology-focused organization based in Herndon, Virginia, today announced the general availability of its Operational Intelligence platform. Operational Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic analytics platform that proactively helps optimize a broadband provider’s business. The platform correlates all traffic that flows across the provider’s network with infrastructure elements, subscribers, traffic types, security information, location, social media, weather and more in real-time.

Operational Intelligence helps providers be more effective by alerting only on what matters and automating tedious tasks. The platform identifies potential service and subscriber issues using machine learning and real-time data analysis so providers can address them before they happen. Easy-to-understand dashboards allow operators to quickly explore and narrow down views at the user or infrastructure element level. Custom alerts and actions ensure that the appropriate teams get notified and relevant automated actions are triggered. Providers can opt to monitor the software data themselves or have NRTC’s experienced NOC technicians monitor their entire network 24x7x365.

Operational Intelligence provides value across all areas of the broadband provider’s business, helping turn “operational data” into “actionable intelligence.” The platform can identify sales opportunities as well as customer satisfaction levels. Support teams benefit from real-time and historical data at both the user and network levels, and execs have complete visibility into essential metrics.

“Running a broadband business is hard, so we developed Operational Intelligence to help make it easier,” said Chris Beatson, Chief Technology Officer at NRTC’s Managed Services division. “We started working with one of our member cooperatives and have since worked closely with several pilot members to build out the platform for providers of all sizes and access technologies.”

“Broadband providers work with a variety of systems and tools, so having a single platform that correlates their data and alerts them when appropriate is a game-changer,” said Jon Bartleson, President of NRTC Managed Services. “Operational Intelligence allows them to focus on proactive fixes vs. reactive issues. The feedback from pilot customers has been great, and we’re excited to make the platform available to all our members.”

Press Release

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