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nVIEW™ Networks manages fiber, copper and coax networks inside ESRI’s ArcGIS®

December 7, 2009 [Herndon, VA]—The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) and GeoNav Group International announced today the availability of nVIEW Networks, infrastructure management software that allows telecommunication providers to manage their networks using ESRI’s ArcGIS®.

“With nVIEW Networks, a telco can manage its complete infrastructure, by entering network assets and creating the connections within a pedestal,” said GeoNav’s President Guner Gardenhire. “This capability has immense value to telcos, especially during an outage. Using this software, telcos can identify quickly the critical connections to repair,” he continued.

In 2008, NRTC invested in the GeoNav Group to enable the company to serve a wider audience and develop geospatial technology needs for rural electric and telephone utility markets.

“nVIEW Networks represents a unique solution for telcos,” said NRTC President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Phillips. “The detail that this tool provides will enable rural telcos to work more efficiently,” he continued.

nVIEW Networks enables telecommunication providers to track fiber, copper or coax networks and view the infrastructure online or offline. In addition, telecommunication providers can use the software to manage equipment, enable circuits and assign usage.

Gardenhire commented, “The reporting features are full and provide detailed data—no matter what type of network is in use. If a telecommunication provider has deployed fiber, the reports can show usage for every piece of fiber within a cable and all equipment participating in a circuit. If the telecommunication provider has deployed copper, nVIEW Networks will calculate DSL broadband coverage and show speed drop-off for every DSLAM. This is powerful software!”

GeoNav acquired the nVIEW Networks software and other staffing resources from Comporium Group. As part of the agreement with Comporium, GeoNav will retain the two developers that created the software.

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