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Driven by unprecedented demand for Gigabit and fast-emerging 10 Gigabit Broadband, Fiber to the Home (FTTH) deployment is expected to reach record numbers in the coming years.

In addition to homes, service providers are bringing fiber to the living unit in multiple dwelling units (MDUs) and into commercial and institutional buildings. However, running fiber in the home and MDU can be tricky.

Owners, managers, and residents can be very finicky regarding the materials that are used in MDU buildings and individual living units (ILU).

Materials need to be as invisible as possible to avoid disrupting the décor. The installation process needs to be fast to reduce disruption to residents. The solution must be reliable and compatible with the wide range of materials present in today’s buildings.

One solution set that has met the requirements in widespread deployments is OFS’ InvisiLight® Optical Solutions. These feature OFS’ EZ-Bend® (G.657.B3) fiber with 2.5 mm bend radius and are quickly and easily installed with simple tools and accessories. The use of EZ Bend fiber provides ultra-bend-insensitive performance, especially in the longer wavelength regions associated with next-generation services such as XGS-PON.

InvisiLight ILU (600 micron) installed at the intersection of wall and ceiling

The InvisiLight ILU (Indoor Living Unit) Solution has been deployed in single family homes and apartments since 2012. Versions are available for wall-mounted or desk-mounted ONTs with pre-connectorized cordage with slack management, 1 or 2 fibers. InvisiLight ILU has been very well received by residents and building owners.

For indoor ONT deployments in single-family homes, using a single cable from the drop closure or terminal to the ONT can reduce installation times and costs. The InvisiLight Drop Solution can do just that. This solution uses EZ Bend cordage outside the unit and transforms into 900 micron InvisiLight ILU inside the home, simply by stripping off the outer jacket.

For deployments in MDUs with indoor hallways, wire molding has been used for years to conceal wires, but it’s often not attractive, expensive, and slow to install. There’s a better way. The InvisiLight MDU Solution uses a 2.0mm cord to run fibers down hallways to point of entry modules above doorways. These cords can also be run up risers, reducing a connection point. This fiber solution has also been widely accepted by building owners and residents around.

Some MDU installations are best done from the outside in.

These require indoor-outdoor-rated cables and components. There’s an InvisiLight Solution for this application also – the InvisiLight Façade Solution.

It can be used for both horizontal and vertical deployments, with the point of entry modules for direct exposure or breezeway deployments.

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One thought on “New Technologies Enable Faster, Easier Fiber Installation into Homes and MDUs

  1. Why, would you do this? Lets talk about the HW connections, Oh, there isn’t any. So then you have to purchase another connection box for each connection because the electronics do not have fiber connection. The factories do not see any advantage to have fiber in the home or in an MDU dwelling, so no connection. Then you have CAT & cable able to do the same thing.

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