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Overland Park, Kansas and Washington — January 16, 2024 — /PRNewswire/ — Actifai, the leading artificial intelligence solution provider for the broadband services industry, and the National Content and Technology Cooperative (NCTC) announced today that they are entering into a partnership agreement whereby NCTC is providing its members with access to the Actifai platform. This partnership enables members to quickly deploy Actifai’s AI-powered software solutions to increase sales effectiveness and drive faster consumer adoption of high-speed broadband and related services. NCTC represents almost 700 independent communications service providers connecting approximately one-third of North America and U.S. Territory households to the world.

Whether online or agent-assisted, traditional cable and telecommunications sales interactions are almost always challenged from the start. Consumers are often unaware of which broadband services will best meet their need. At the same time, sales teams and websites typically know little about the individual broadband consumer’s preferences and needs. As a result, these interactions often lead to suboptimal sales results that suppress ARPU and customer satisfaction.

Actifai’s groundbreaking approach bridges this knowledge gap by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to recommend the optimal package of services personalized to each consumer based on their distinct needs, interests, and circumstances. It is the simplest way to increase ARPU, sales conversion rates, and retention in as fast as four weeks. 

Actifai’s AI is informed by a continuously growing database of nearly 2 million broadband industry customer engagements. The technology also leverages proprietary demographic, geographic, competitive, and behavioral insights, creating the industry’s most comprehensive understanding of a prospective customer in a real-time sales interaction. Combined, this wealth of information powers Actifai’s offer recommendations, which are delivered in a guided sales flow that actively involves consumers in the purchasing process, resulting in more impactful, higher-value sales results.

Through this new partnership, NCTC members can access Actifai’s suite of sales optimization solutions featuring:

  • Actifai Digital – a hosted eCommerce shopping experience tailored to meet consumers’ growing demand for online purchasing convenience over traditional phone-based transactions
  • Actifai Engage – an agent-led workflow for use in contact centers, field sales, and retail sales channels
  • External demographic, geographic, competitive, and behavioral data
  • Sales optimization decision models
  • AI-enhanced serviceability validation service
  • Streamlined implementation that requires little to no member engineering resources
  • Integration into leading industry billing systems and CRM platforms
  • Support for the FCC’s imminent Broadband Consumer Labels disclosure requirements

Lou Borrelli, NCTC CEO, said, “NCTC views AI as a major technology advancement, and this exciting new partnership that delivers an artificial intelligence solution that members are asking for, as it supports their long-term business strategies. Harnessing the power of AI to accelerate digital transformation and remain competitive is essential for all our members. Actifai’s sales and support tools are purpose-built for the broadband and cable industry. They will help our membership quickly incorporate AI into their management of the consumer lifecycle in a way that is practical and innovative.”

Ned Brody, Actifai CEO, said, “The broadband industry is at an inflection point with increased competition from new entrants and a growing array of connectivity options available to the consumer. Actifai has leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning in practical ways that enhance both the consumer and employee experience to improve the critical decisions that are made throughout the customer lifecycle, beginning with recommending the ‘right’ products and services and key selling points to each unique consumer at the point of sale. We’re thrilled to partner with NCTC to help members deliver more effective sales and support solutions to their end-users.”

To learn more please visit or attend the NCTC’s 2024 Winter Educational Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada February 25th – 27th where Actifai CEO, Ned Brody will participate in an active panel discussion around “Elevating Retention: Harnessing the Power of AI in Customer Experience Management” and AI Actifai offerings that are here now and future trends.

Press Release

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