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ANDOVER, Mass., July 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Navisite, a part of Spectrum Enterprise, the enterprise-focused arm of Charter Communications, Inc., and Alert Logic, the SIEMless Threat Management™ company, today announced the availability of an enhanced, fully integrated portfolio of Managed Threat Detection and Remediation services for enterprise cloud clients.

Navisite is leveraging Alert Logic’s award-winning SIEMless Threat Management platform to expand security offerings for clients. Alert Logic’s platform is tightly integrated in Navisite’s managed security service, enabling automated threat monitoring and remediation, and event insight and asset visibility via Navisite’s Proximity client portal. The solution is designed with a focus on both intelligent threat detection and enriching Navisite’s ability to perform remediation, thereby delivering an enhanced security posture for clients.

“The intelligence from Alert Logic’s platform, coupled with managed expertise from Navisite, has been instrumental in providing Clarion Partners with an advanced, fully-managed security solution,” said John Wanamaker, SVP/CTO of Clarion Partners. “The partnership between Alert Logic and Navisite enables us to seamlessly access a curated, integrated set of services and security experts that have been effective at both preventing security incidents and rapidly remediating any emerging threats.”

As a managed multi-cloud service provider with a focus on managing and securing mission-critical workloads, Navisite brings together a comprehensive set of managed services aimed at enhancing security and resiliency. Navisite’s Managed Detection and Remediation service is the cornerstone of its managed security portfolio and is designed to prevent, detect and remediate threats in real-time by leveraging an application-centric approach.

“Over the last four years, we have partnered with Alert Logic to deliver an industry-leading managed security solution,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, Group Vice President and General Manager, Navisite. “In the past year, we have taken this partnership to the next level, driving strong collaboration across Alert Logic and Navisite’s product and engineering teams to deliver a tightly-integrated solution. By combining the power of Alert Logic’s platform with Navisite’s managed security expertise, we are helping to solve the complex security challenges enterprises face today.”

Alert Logic’s security platform provides continual inspection and evaluation of events, systems, and workloads, identifying vulnerabilities and risks. Navisite’s infrastructure and security experts work 24/7/365 to apply this threat intelligence, leveraging their unique knowledge of the underlying infrastructure to eliminate false positives and compress remediation timeframes. These combined capabilities enable Navisite to:

  • Collect asset data, logs, events, network telemetry, endpoint, user behavior, dark web, file and process data;
  • Correlate collected data for behavior and anomaly detection;
  • Validate incidents by reviewing Indicators of Compromise (IoC), searching adjacent datasets to extract the signal from the noise;
  • Report and escalate validated security incidents to responsible parties, eliminating false positives;
  • Remediate issues rapidly, bringing experts across both the underlying infrastructure and security domains.

“Cyberattacks are more frequent, harder to stop, and a greater legal, reputational and financial liability than ever,” said Bob Lyons, CEO, Alert Logic. “Customers are looking for help in mitigating the risk of a breach, and ensuring their business-critical applications and customer data are secure across all their environments. We are thrilled to partner with Navisite to combine Alert Logic’s robust capabilities and scale with Navisite’s ability to take that scale and personalize it to meet specific customer needs.”

Through the integrated Alert Logic-Navisite solution, Navisite’s clients gain peace of mind with comprehensive threat protection and audit-ready compliance services. Backed by more than 700 professionals holding over 1500 industry certifications, ITIL-aligned tools and processes, and strong automation, Navisite’s Managed Threat Detection and Remediation service is designed to deliver enterprise-grade protection for mission-critical workloads.

“For businesses today, the IT environment continues to grow in complexity and, as a result, businesses and their security teams are grappling with a data and alert overload,” said Michael Suby, Vice President of Research, Frost & Sullivan. “Ensuring a secure IT environment is paramount for business continuity and success and as such, we’re starting to see the industry shift toward delivering outcomes that build a proactive posture on security. Through this partnership, Alert Logic is combining its platform with Navisite’s security infrastructure services and expertise to give clients greater transparency and context into their operations so they can proactively remediate and prevent threats.”

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