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KTC PACE and KTC Telecom started out in 1952 as Kaplan Telephone Company, and through those 65 years have had a few name changes to better reflect their values and services. Now, they’ve decided to get back to their roots.

The two companies will now be singularly known as Kaptel—a more concise take on Kaplan Telephone Company and their way of honoring their beginnings while looking forward to future growth in their home state of Louisiana and beyond.

“In the past, we had to have two separate company names due to certain required regulations,” states Carl Turnley, president of Kaptel. “And especially with our current growth, the dual names were causing confusion among customers. Now that we can operate under one name, it was the perfect time to do it.”

Along with the new name come other positive changes. Some store locations will start opening on Saturdays, while having longer hours during the weekdays to better accommodate customers. They are also in the process of having certified device repairmen in-house to take care of broken device screens and other issues. In addition, they are working on a real-time customer service chat feature on the newly revamped website.

While these changes will certainly be welcomed by customers, Turnley says there are always questions and concerns when a name and brand change occur in a business.

“Often, when there is a name change, people assume the company was bought out. That absolutely did not happen,” states Turnley. “We are still the same company, the same people, with the same great customer service. Just a new name.”

Kaptel offers expanded telecommunications services in Louisiana—wireless, cable, internet, security, digital phone and business telecom systems. Call 643-7171 for more information or visit the new website at

Press Release

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