Hughes Network Systems has launched its managed Voice-over-IP solution for the distributed enterprise. Using the new Hughes “ActiveQoS” technology, Hughes can provide superior voice quality over affordable broadband, eliminating the need for customers to invest in expensive leased line MPLS networks.

If that seems unremarkable, consider the latency issues any satellite provider must cope with, and which make multi-party voice communications challenging.

Satellite path delay is approximately 270 milliseconds (the time required for the signal to travel 35,800 km into space and return). If associated signal processing time through baseband equipment is included, total path delay is closer to 320 milliseconds.

As a practical matter, that means a roughly quarter-second delay. In voice communications, the most noticeable effect of path delay traditionally has been echo. Hughes claims to have eliminated those sorts of problems.

Hughes ActiveQoS technology is integrated into the Hughes customer premise equipment and actively monitors and adapts to network congestion over the broadband network. Hughes ActiveQoS incorporates several innovative optimization methods, including traffic metering, network change adaptation, and traffic prioritization, to ensure that real-time, latency sensitive applications, such as voice, are prioritized on an end-to-end basis.

Large distributed enterprises typically have had to deal with dozens of local service providers to meet the voice and data needs at their branch locations. Hughes enables them to consolidate all their voice and data requirements nationwide under a single managed services provider employing the most cost-effective mix of broadband network transport technologies. The Hughes VoIP solution includes both hosted VoIP, as well as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking services, and offers full number portability.

The solution is powered by Metaswitch Networks and is delivered as wholesale services to Hughes.

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