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SAVANNAH, Ga., June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hargray Fiber announced it has begun expansion of the company’s ultra-fast, state-of-the-art, all-fiber Internet network into residential neighborhoods in Rincon, GA.  The company began serving businesses in Georgia in 2010, and the expansion into residential areas is part of Hargray Fiber’s long-term goal to bring the most advanced and fastest Internet available anywhere in the world to more than 500,000 homes and businesses across the United States by 2027.

Hargray Fiber’s Southeast President, Ashley Phillips, stressed the importance of the company’s investment in consumers and the broader local community. “We are headquartered nearby, in Savannah, so expanding our high-speed internet to families in the outlying neighborhoods is extra special.  We are committed to providing previously underserved communities with the high-speed connectivity that is essential for families, businesses, and local economies so we can see them continue to thrive,” said Phillips.

Featuring gigabit download and upload speeds, Hargray Fiber will bring ten times more speed to consumer doorsteps at a time when fast, reliable Internet is becoming increasingly critical to modern households. “More and more, we see households where multiple bandwidth-intensive activities occur simultaneously and many consumers’ Internet connections just aren’t up to the task,” added John Robertson, Savannah Region General Manager. “The Hargray Fiber network solves that problem.”

For many consumers, the Internet touches every facet of daily life. Remote work, telehealth, and virtual learning all require robust, reliable connections. A 2021 study by Deloitte indicated that 55% of U.S. households include one or more remote workers, and 43% include at least one household member attending virtual classes. 

Hargray Fiber has begun construction in Rincon. For more information, visit 

Press Release

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2 thoughts on “Hargray Fiber Expands Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet to Rincon, GA

  1. Honestly I am not thrilled at all that your company came tore up my lawn painted curbs sidewalks and went on our property without asking without notification to homeowners being as our hoa has been dissolved.
    The residents of Reese pines wanted notifications to entering and tearing up our community. Many of us are fine with the cable that is existing already. And when I asked to see a work order or be called by a supervisor none called me back from the utility company. On who did they receive permission to enter our said property?
    The Residents of Bailee ave

  2. My biggest beef about these utility/fiber optics guys is #1 they didn’t let us know they were digging up the lawn or coming on our property
    # throwing empty drink bottles on my lawn ! And now my lawn looks like 💩. Yes I guess I’m officially old because I actually spend lots of money making our home look nice and not a shithole ! I’m wondering how much radiation comes out of fiber optic cables 🤔. Got to love payouts to the government from these over night companies . How else would they get permission to enter our property without our permission?

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