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SMITHSON VALLEY, January 5, 2016. GVTC Communications — the first to launch residential gigabit internet speeds in the San Antonio market — is now offering local consumers another first.

SpeedSync™ is a symmetrical broadband product that delivers equal download and upload speeds to a home or business. SppedSync™, launched on January 4, 2016, is currently available in 20/20 Mbps, 50/50 Mbps and 100/100 Mbps connections to GVTC customers with a fiber network connection. Currently, more than 40,000 rooftops, in GVTC’s 2,000 square mile service area have access to a fiber connection.

SpeedSync™ is designed to meet the needs of a growing numbers of consumers whose lifestyle depends on a fast upload connection.

“GVTC’s super-fast, two-way speed tiers support those who work from home, enjoy high-performance gaming, heavy online video and photo uploads, use cloud storage services and require support for multiple devices,” Josh Pettiette, GVTC V.P. product development, said. “When upload speeds match download speeds, users will enjoy a complete and vastly improved online experience.”

GVTC test marketed SpeedSync™ in the Mountain Lodge subdivision, in north San Antonio, with an 80/80 Mbps connection. Based on positive response, the company moved forward with expanding the product into three different tiers.

Pricing varies on the connection speed and other GVTC products bundled with SpeedSync™. The company is poised to offer faster SpeedSync™ connections should consumer demand warrant it.

Press Release

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