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Portland, Ore., January 20, 2015 – Meet Craig Nelsen. This past November, he became the first Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) customer in Beaverton, Oregon to install 1 Gigabit internet at his home. He heard about the new service a few months prior, when reading an article where Frontier Chairman and CEO Maggie Wilderotter was quoted saying Frontier is going to get in the Gigabit game and Beaverton would be one of the first areas to offer the enhanced speed. Frontier’s Gigabit speeds are 100 times faster than today’s typical broadband connection.

When it came time for Nelsen’s installation, the Frontier technicians who came to his home were professional and thoughtful. They put on work booties, cleaned up after themselves, put all of his equipment back in place, and even spent a few hours over the weekend trouble shooting to ensure the speed was where it should be, as this was the first home to employ this new technology.

Nelsen and his family noticed an immediate difference. “My son used to wait 3 or more hours for a new Xbox One game to download, but with Frontier’s 1 Gigabit service, he is playing within minutes,” he commented. “Netflix and iTunes downloads are noticeably faster too – even on our wireless devices. It’s like night and day – there’s instant gratification.”

Entertainment isn’t the only thing the family uses their Gig connection for. “Today’s online education applications offer streaming, real-time conversations with instructors.  You need a lot of bandwidth for these to work effectively, and now we have it.  As school districts continue to face funding challenges, online classes and tutoring will become more prevalent.”

Nelsen continued saying “and of course there are those of us who work from home. The speed and quality of Frontier’s 1 Gig internet service allow me to send large files, download content and navigate through resources much faster, and video conference. It’s faster and more convenient than anything we’ve had access to previously.”

With at least a dozen devices connected at any given time, the Nelsen family fits the profile of the Gigabit user. They have been Frontier customers for several years and have always loved their FiOS service. They deem the increased speed “gravy over the grits”, stating “we already had something good – and Frontier just made it much better.”

The bottom line is you can do more in less time – it’s “the ultimate time saver”.

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2 thoughts on “Frontier Signs First Gigabit Customer

  1. But, at what cost? Google Fiber is only $70 for 1 gigabit, I believe frontier is over $200 which is insane!

  2. $200 is an ok price. The cost of building out all this ftth is expensive. Everyone should be trying to get 100 meg to more people than working on turning up 1gig to select big citys that already usually have providers that have have 60meg 100meg options.

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