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NORWALK, Conn., June 16, 2022

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  • Happening: Today, Frontier (NASDAQ: FYBR) published its first-ever environmental, social and governance (ESG) report to ink its commitment to building a sustainable and accessible digital society.
  • Why: Rallied around a single purpose, Building Gigabit America, Frontier is focused on enabling a digital society, closing the digital divide, and working toward a more sustainable future. ESG is embedded in the company’s purpose, and this first ESG report is both foundational and a promise of tangible change to come.
  • Get stoked: “We are creating a new Frontier, and our commitment to ESG is at the center of the work we’re doing to serve all of our stakeholders,” said CEO Nick Jeffery. “Building Gigabit America is about believing in the important role we play in enabling a digital society, promoting community inclusion, and caring for the environment. The remarkable progress we’ve made to advance our purpose in 2021 and our ambitions to create a better future can be found in our first-ever ESG report.”
  • Where to follow along: Read the details in Frontier’s full report HERE:

What’s Happening?

Frontier is proud to share its inaugural ESG report, which highlights the company’s progress in its first year of transformation and reinforces its commitment to ESG as it Builds Gigabit America. There are three core elements to this work: enabling a digital society, realizing community inclusivity, and serving as stewards for the environment. Specifically, the report shares how the new program Red Loves Green will help create a more sustainable future, highlights the work being done to create a more engaging and inclusive culture, and how teammates across the company are living the purpose every day.
Frontier will publish this report annually to provide visibility into the company’s ESG initiatives and celebrate the team’s progress.

Why now?

In 2021, Frontier rallied the company around a single purpose, Building Gigabit America, and began to take actions to embed ESG into its operations. The report outlines the company’s commitment to enable a digital society that’s sustainable and within reach for all.
Frontier is early on its transformational journey and the report is transparent about the company’s current state – both the pride points and the challenges – and captures its ambitious plans for 2022 and beyond.
“We know our commitment to ESG will make the business and culture stronger and it’s the right thing to do” added Jeffery. “I’m proud that the team is committed to becoming a more purpose-driven company and that we’re being transparent this early on in our transformation about where we are today and where we want to go.”

Press Release

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