If the World Health Organization’s recent alert about a possible link between cellphones and brain cancer was the proverbial ill wind, then Frontier Communications is trying to make sure it blows someone—that someone being Frontier—some good.

In a press release issued today, the carrier took the opportunity to advise consumers that landline telephones are the “safer choice” for voice communications.

“The WHO release states that cellphones may cause brain cancer,” said Frontier Senior Vice President Steve Crosby in the release. “Remember when the Surgeon General reported that cigarette smoking may cause lung cancer? Our position is that customers can take precautions so they do not wind up as statistics. Since approximately 90% of mobile phone calls are made within 10 feet of a landline phone, reduce risk by using your home or business phone whenever possible.”

Crosby also noted that 9-1-1 calls from a landline phone can be pinpointed with a higher level of precision than calls from a cellphone.

Frontier has been trying hard to preserve its landline phone business as much as possible. CEO Maggie Wilderotter recently noted, for example, that some families are reconnecting landline voice service so that they have a way of reaching a babysitter.

You’ve got to give Frontier a few points for thinking of the WHO angle. I would think it might give some fence-sitters that have been contemplating canceling landline voice service a reason not to do so. Perhaps it will even cause a few people who already have cut the cord to reconnect.

Not every telco will want to follow Frontier’s lead in drawing attention to potential cellphone dangers, though. Frontier can afford to make that move because it doesn’t have a cellular business. But a company such as AT&T or Verizon that offers both landline and cellular service will not want to head in that direction.



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3 thoughts on “Frontier Looks to Capitalize on Cell Phone Cancer Scare

  1. What a dopey announcement for an otherwise technology oriented Telco to make. Their PR person should be tied to a telephone pole and baked in the sun for 15: minutes to get as much radiation as a cellphone would cause in a year. If this is the best Frontier can do, or any land line company, then good luck. Really pathetic. Just remember, you can't haul a land line phone out when walking your dog. When are land line companies going to crawl out of the 1950's?

  2. More people die every year by slipping in the bathtub or shower than from radiation from cell phones. There is a much higher risk of adquiring skin cancer due to extended exposure to sunligh during years of sunbathing than from radiation from cell phones. More people die every year from "texting while driving" than from radiation from cell phones.

    Where does it end with scare tactics?

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