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NORWALK, Conn., May 19, 2022

TL;DR – The Byte-Size Download:

  • Happening: Frontier (NASDAQ: FYBR) has assembled a team of thinkers, doers, and innovators across customer experience, gaming, AR/VR, consumer technology, future of work, DE&I, and culture to meet on a quarterly basis to discuss and dream big about what the future of connectivity looks like.
  • Why: Frontier is obsessed with doing everything it can to better serve customers. This diverse group of voices will help Frontier think differently and to innovate services and ideas the market hasn’t yet imagined.
  • Get stoked: “We’re thrilled to welcome a diverse group of experts to serve on the Gigaboard and help develop new and groundbreaking consumer products – thinkers who will challenge us to push past what we currently believe is possible,” said John Harrobin, EVP Consumer. “Together we will help define the present, while imagining the next Frontier.”

What’s happening?

The past two years have shown how quickly connectivity demands can change, and providers must be nimble to meet these needs. Frontier is creating a Gigaboard advisory council, a team of leading and diverse thinkers, doers, and innovators, to help determine present customer needs, and to imagine what’s next as it defines the new frontier of connectivity.


Frontier is in the early stages of a digital transformation. During the past year, it focused on earning customer loyalty, by launching 2 Gig network-wide, making operations more efficient and sustainable, and improving the customer experience.

Now, as Frontier leads in unlocking next-generation digital experiences for customers, it has brought together a leading group of innovators to imagine what’s next. Hearing from diverse perspectives across the future of work, gaming, customer experience, consumer technology, civic engagement, AR/VR, DE&I, culture, design, and brand will help ensure Frontier is considering every customer viewpoint and shaping a business that stays ahead of rapidly shifting connectivity demands.

Who’s in?

The council will interact with team members across Frontier’s business, so the discussions translate into real-world impact to customers. The council will convene with Frontier executives as part of its quarterly meetings.

2022 Gigaboard members include:

  • Rei Inamoto, Founding Partner of I&CO
  • Linda Ong, CEO + Co-Founder of Cultique
  • Sarah Unger, Partner & Co-Founder of Cultique
  • Faris Yakob, Co-Founder of Genius/Steals
  • Joel Lunenfeld, Chief Strategy Officer of Kreatr
  • Josh McManus, CEO & Co-Founder of Fruitful
  • Cornell Verdeja-Woodson, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Headspace Health

“While I have been at the center of some of the most high-profile brand transformations in the media and entertainment industry over the past 20 years, this one might be the most exciting,” said Linda Ong, CEO + Co-Founder of Cultique. “We have been challenged to think differently and to believe that no idea is too big – I can’t wait to see the output.”

Press Release

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