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Broadband Vision 2014 has kicked off in Las Vegas, and already FreeCastInc has new viewers in its sights. From their booth at the show, representatives of the company will be targeting telcos that offer phone or Internet service, but not TV, pitching Rabbit TV, or a co-branded version of the FreeCastguide known as Select TV, as a low-cost and monetizable means for these companies to provide their customers with the television experience of the future.

“We’ve seen TV service bundled with phone and Internet service for years now in the cable industry, but with these bloated cable packages, it’s become more of a raw deal for consumers. We’re giving telcos who may not currently offer TV service a low-cost alternative that provides value for them and their customers. Now these companies won’t need to invest in miles of cable or expensive infrastructure to offer TV service.” CEO William Mobley explained.

Many telephone, wireless, and broadband Internet providers, especially in rural areas, do not offer cable TV service. Rather than jumping into the cable TV business at great cost, partnering with FreeCastInc would allow them to cheaply tap into a new and growing revenue stream. And while more and more consumers are watching video on their smartphones and tablets, FreeCast’s products already work on those devices, eliminating a problem that the big cable companies are currently struggling with.

Rabbit TV has already enjoyed tremendous growth, having reached 1 million users in only 6 months, and now boasting well over 3 million. Partnerships with telcos could quickly bring the service into thousands of new households. With their global launch planned for early next year, Rabbit TV is set to make the leap from cord-cutter favorite to being a globally recognized brand.

Press Release

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