Quantum Networks

Chattanooga-based EPB said today that its EPB Quantum Network has become the country’s first commercially available software-configurable quantum network. The network, launched this summer, is designed to help companies, government agencies and researchers accelerate the development of quantum technology, a new approach to networking that is drastically different from the technology used today.

Developers believe the technology, based on quantum physics, should be able to provide faster speeds and more secure networks.

The software provider for the EPB Quantum Network is Aliro Quantum. The software control will enable users to specify parameters for a range of network configurations via a graphical interface. Customers can choose from a range of predefined network configurations or work with EPB Quantum Network engineers to implement customized configurations.

“Designed specifically with quantum technology companies and researchers in mind, we make it simple for customers to configure EPB Quantum Network to their specifications,” David Wade, EPB president and CEO, said in a prepared statement. “EPB Quantum Network removes barriers to commercialization for quantum developers who have not previously had access to these kinds of resources to advance their technology and is available now for scheduling.”

The network itself is a quantum-as-a-service offering that provides quantum technologists with fiber optic infrastructure and software to help them bring quantum technologies and applications to market. Users can generate, distribute and measure quantum bits, known as qubits, across the network using:

  • Photonic qubit sources,
  • Four parallel qubit channels,
  • Single photon counting detectors,
  • Quantum-compatible fiber optic switches,
  • Integrated automatic polarization control,
  • A flexible network architecture,
  • Dedicated fiber optic lines to distribute qubits,
  • Precision timing and
  • Network configuration software.

The network currently uses 216 dedicated managed dark fibers with capacity for 10 quantum interconnected nodes across downtown Chattanooga and a separate, community-wide 9,000-mile fiber optic network that offers additional scalability.

EPB of Chattanooga manages the network and California-based Qubitekk designed the network architecture.

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