It’s interesting to observe the war of words between the supporters of the two main technologies – and – over which is best positioned to maximize mobile broadband. Both have their passionate supporters and both make compelling arguments. We don’t have a horse in this race and tend to believe that both can co-exist, much the same way and do in today’s 3G world. But we do believe you have to give WiMAX some credit – it is up and running today, providing an actual WiMAX experience. Can’t say the same for LTE – at least that we’re aware of.

Gizmodo, the gadget technology blog, has an interesting post where they outline some recent they’ve done on . They seem pretty excited about it. They achieved some promising results on an actual functioning WiMAX network – not a lab. Among other results, they achieved a 13 Mbps download speed in a car travelling at 60 mph. They’re quick to point out that these tests are ‘uncapped’ and do not represent a typical download speed for future Clear customers. Clearwire says typical speeds should be closer to 3-4 Mbps. Gizmodo provides some great insight into the test – it’s well worth a .

The pending battle between WiMAX operators and current 3G options, as well as forthcoming 4G LTE services will offer some great competitive ‘theater.’ Indeed, mobile broadband will be a compelling competitive weapon – one that both telecom and cable hope to capitalize on.

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