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T-Mobile says that its 5G network coverage has reached 300 million ahead of schedule and that its Ultra Capacity 5G network now covers 150 million people. To celebrate, the carrier has introduced an adult T-Mobile 5G beverage: Ultra Capacity 5Gin and a non-alcoholic counterpart, Extended Range 5Ginger Beer.

Ultra Capacity 5Gin was made in partnership with Heritage Distilling Company and Extended Range 5Ginger in partnership with the Jones Soda Co. In addition, the carrier posted T-Mobile 5g beverage drink recipes online.

Two beverages – the one with alcohol in a single bottle and the non-alcoholic in a six pack – will become available at noon PT on June 24. Quantities are limited.

T-Mobile reports that an additional 50 million people will be covered by the end of the year. T-Mobile claims its Ultra Capacity 5G version, which utilizes both the carrier’s mid-band 2.5 GHz spectrum and its high-band mmWave spectrum holdings, has an average download speed of 325 Mbps, with peak speed of 1 Gbps. The carrier says that its 5G network spans 1.6 million square miles.

True to form, T-Mobile CEO Mike Seivert’s PR team can come up with colorful quotes for your average press release and this one does not disappoint.

“Last year, when we said we’d cover 300 million people with 5G by the end of 2021, people thought we were crazy. Now, we’ve blown by that goal SIX MONTHS ahead of schedule, and we won’t stop building the nation’s largest, fastest and most reliable 5G network,” said Sievert. “Now, we’re gonna celebrate in a way ONLY T-Mobile would — by bottling the Un-carrier spirit. Yes, you heard that right. And as we begin to get back to all the things we have missed, it’s time for a celebratory toast with 5Gin and 5Ginger Beer. You know the GIF from The Great Gatsby? That’s me right now. Cheers!”

T-Mobile prides itself on holding a renegade attitude with press and marketing – and this is not the first time that it has done so with food and beverage in mind. In 2018, the company published “#SlowCookerSunday: Leadership, Life and Slow Cooking with CEO and [self-proclaimed] Chef, John Legere.”

Opensignal reported in late April that T-Mobile had the best 5G download speed and availability.

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One thought on “Drink Up: T-Mobile Marks 5G Milestones with Adult Beverage

  1. Are there any maps that show where this mid-band and high-band coverage exists? As far as I can see, T-Mobile’s current coverage maps do not.

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