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will launch an all HD programming package, beginning February 1st. According to Home Media Magazine, the package will offer 70 national HD channels for $29.99/month. Local (where available), sports, and premium HD channels can be added at additional cost. DISH claims to have 76 HD channels currently, with a goal of 100 by year end.

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One thought on “DISH to Launch All HD Package

  1. All I can say about the new HD packages is awful, awful, awful. I was so excited when I heard that Dish was coming out with new HD channels today and when I looked at them I could not believe the garbage it was. Nation Geographic, The Science channel, The Golf Channel, HD News, HD Movies, Monsters, HD Net, Film Fest? Are you kidding me? Why do we need these horrible channels in HD? Where’s USA HD, FX HD, SciFi HD? Then to top it all off you want to charge more $? Wow Dish you are going to lose allot of customers.

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