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Cox Continues to Offer the Fastest Speeds in San Diego

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cox Communications is once again pumping up its high speed Internet speeds in San Diego. Speeds on Cox High Speed Internet’s Premier tier will automatically increase by 25% to 25 Mbps downstream and 2 Mbps up, and at no extra charge to the customer! And with Cox’s exclusive PowerBoost® technology, Premier customers can experience a blast of speed of up to 30 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps up.

PowerBoost, which is included free of charge to customers who subscribe to Cox High Speed Internet Premier and Preferred tiers, gives customers an automatic burst of speed when they need it most, especially when downloading large files.

Cox High Speed Internet Premier customers can look for the speed increases later this month. For more information about Cox High Speed Internet, visit

Always on the forefront of innovation, Cox is able to offer the fastest speeds in San Diego County thanks to cable’s third generation DOCSIS (Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Specification) technology. DOCSIS 3.0, which was recently implemented in San Diego as part of its ongoing data network advancement plan, features cutting-edge “channel bonding” technology that enables more data to be transmitted much faster. Cox High Speed Internet customers will benefit from this revolutionary technology now and in the future as Cox San Diego rolls out more speed increases.

With this latest speed increase, Cox customers can:

* Enjoy even more reliable live music streaming

* Experience faster movie downloads and better picture and audio quality.

* Download a full-length high definition movie at a whopping 32 minutes (compared to the 4 ½ hours it takes when using a typical 3 Mbps DSL package).

* Download a 12-song CD in 19 seconds. (It takes 3 minutes to download with a typical 3 Mbps DSL package).

* Have multiple users of a household play games online, surf the net and share files simultaneously – all at the fastest residential speeds available in San Diego County.

“Our customers told us they wanted an online experience that allows them to spend less time waiting and more time doing what they want to do – listening to music, watching a movie or just surfing the Internet,” said Colette Jelineo, Vice President of Marketing for Cox Communications San Diego. “And with cable’s cutting-edge DOCSIS 3.0 technology, our customers can do what they want to do much faster.”

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2 thoughts on “Cox Expands DOCSIS 3.0 Footprint

  1. Installed my SB6120 docsis 3.0 modem last week and the speed was only 15mbps download on the preferred tier. Re-booted the modem this morning 9/21/09 and the speed was up to 30mbps dowload. Double the speed at no extra cost to me. Thanks Cox San Diego!

    1. …But that also gives Cox another reason to justify raising prices (again). Plenty of customers are/were happy with the current or lower tier internet speeds but Cox requires you to have one of the top two tiers to qualify for a bundle discount. The customer should be entitled to a bundle discount just for signing up for 3 of their services. They should just be happy if a customer didn't leave them to sign up with a growing competitor like AT&T for any or all 3 services.

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