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ATLANTA, GA – April 14, 2014: Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc. (dba ETI Software Solutions, announced today that Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. will license their existing ETI software to integrate a shared Mediaroom IPTV headend (aka “multi-tenant”) among multiple telecommunications services providers.

“We discovered that neighboring telecom service providers were facing the same challenges as we were,” said Jay Brown, Chief Network Officer for Farmers Telephone Cooperative. “We are all strapped by costly operational and technology update expenses, and it quickly became clear that we could collectively improve the business model by pooling our resources. ETI’s software will allow all of us to integrate our billing systems and keep subscriber accounts secure and separate.”

Populating Mediaroom to transition the “as billed” services for each subscriber is also a critical component of the migration. “ETI will provide conversion expertise for each service provider to ensure that subscribers continue to receive the channels they are paying to watch as we transition to the shared headend,” said Brown.

“With this move, Farmers Telephone Cooperative and their partners, Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative and West Carolina Telephone Cooperative, will realize significant cost savings – which is why we made a substantial investment years ago to support Mediaroom’s multi-tenant capabilities,” said Frank Gine, President of ETI. “Strategically we wanted to be in a strong position once more operators found the shared multi-tenant solution had a compelling ROI for delivering IPTV services to their subscriber base.”

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Press Release

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