AT&T is focusing on a series of new applications for its U-Verse service to build competitive advantage over entrenched Cablecos. Some of these applications are already known (and in use), including the U-bar, an interactive component that allows users to access weather, sports, or traffic information on their television screen; access to online photos; whole-home DVR; and Caller ID on the TV. AT&T is also using U-verse’s close cousin, Homezone to test new applications. Remote control of Homezone features via a mobile phone is a great example. Launched for Homezone subscribers already, this service is soon to be available for U-verse subscribers. AT&T goes on record to say that it intends to use the full power of IP to differentiate itself from the competition, and ultimately win. It’s a high stakes gamble – one being played out by the entire telecom/cable industry.

Read this excellent ScreenPlays article for more details.


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