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The new AT&T Dynamic Exchange (ADX) service is an on-demand offering that aims to provide “streamlined, highly secure integration” between customers, suppliers and business partners, according to AT&T Business.

ADX uses AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand or AT&T Virtual Private Network to interconnect to outside entities’ networks.

In this way, businesses can share data within minutes with a wide range of business partners. Simplifying connectivity with those partners is a key goal of the offering.

The system features quick set up and bandwidth adjustment as needs change. The parties have the ability to connect securely with MPLS or Ethernet private networks and secure the authentication process. It’s a streamlined pay-as-you go system that the customer accesses via an on-demand 24/7 web portal.

Pricing on the service was not disclosed.

“True business agility helps you adjust to internal changes and adapt to shifts and trends in the market. By enabling ADX virtual connections across ecosystems, enterprises can quickly collaborate and innovate to deliver business outcomes,” Sue Galvanek, Vice President, Enterprise Networking and Edge, AT&T Business said in a press release. “Having this type of agility helps to prepare your business for change and sets you up to thrive in today’s dynamic markets.”

The carrier introduced AT&T Business – Advanced at the beginning of the month. The service aims to combine the reliability of plain old telephone service (POTS) with digital lines’ voice quality, security and lower maintenance costs. The service utilizes cloud capability from RingCentral and analog-to-digital converters from DataRemote.

AT&T’s efforts to make life easier for business customers appears to be paying off. In July, J.D. Power said that the carrier won two of three regions in its broadband satisfaction study. AT&T won in the large enterprise (500 or more employees) and medium-size (20 to 499 employees) categories with 882 points and 846 points out of 1,000 points, respectively.

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