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Nashville, Tennessee — January 5, 2024 — Leading telecom solutions supplier Equinox Information Systems is honored to deliver two business assurance applications for Armstrong, the 11th largest cable telecommunications company in the US. Since 1986, Equinox has been implementing solutions that help telecom companies and service providers around the globe stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expenses, and optimize revenue. The company currently processes over two billion customer records a day. They have been Armstrong’s vendor since 2010 when they implemented the TeleLink platform to perform sophisticated reporting and invoice validation. Based on the success of that project, Armstrong turned to Equinox to implement TeleLink’s least cost routing tools and then later added the Protector automated fraud management system (FMS) to monitor multiple switches on their network. For this most recent project, Equinox implemented and deployed the next generation Protector 11 FMS in conjunction with the all-new TeleLink 11 reporting, mediation, and revenue assurance platform. 

“The TeleLink and Protector systems from Equinox consistently deliver results that have helped Armstrong lower costs, increase efficiency and billing accuracy, and safeguard our network and customers,” explained Tom Wilson, Director Telecom Traffic Management at Armstrong. “More importantly, the Equinox team provides fantastic support and training opportunities to ensure timely and repeated return on investment from their solutions.”

“Armstrong has been an amazing partner throughout our journey together,” commented Equinox Information Systems Executive Vice President, David West. “Based on their suggestions and innovative uses especially for the TeleLink platform, we enhanced it to provide the entire user community with even greater benefits from the application. We always look forward to their team participating in our annual user education events.”

Protector has earned the standing as the most reliable and cost-effective FMS in the nation by saving carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud losses each year for the past 37 years. The system’s dynamic and adaptable monitoring metrics quickly identify fraudulent and abusive activity across all customer and call types, immediately alert about unwanted events, and can shut down activity at the switch or tear down active calls when warranted. TeleLink provides essential revenue management, expense management, and network management tools. Its primary purpose is to make usage data actionable. Its robust mediation engine standardizes disparate records, compiles a data warehouse, and delivers formatted data to billing systems and other and backend processes. Its powerful warehouse search and report engine both provide unparalleled access to the data it captures, so you can quickly identify operational efficiencies and analyze network traffic.

Press Release

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