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Columbia, S.C. — April 30, 2024 — /PRNewswire/ — STL [NSE: STLTECH], a leading optical and digital solutions company, today announced its successful partnership with Archtop Fiber, supporting the development of Archtop’s expansive multi-gigabit fiber Internet network spanning over 2,500 miles across the Northeast region of the United States. Over the past two years, the companies have been working together, developing mission-critical optical solutions tailored to bring the fastest, most reliable Internet solutions to underserved markets across New York’s Hudson Valley and beyond.

STL has also signed a new agreement with Archtop Fiber to expand its offering of optical solutions, bolstering the advancement of Archtop’s network construction. In addition to supplying the Internet provider with its optical cables featuring high-fiber count, loose-tube, and ribbon designs, STL will also provide its signature OptoBlaze and OptoBolt products. STL’s OptoBlaze product is a pre-terminated solution, while OptoBolt is a simplified plug-in-a-box solution that replaces field labor and brings modularity to network design. STL used its design innovation to modify the configuration and deliver smaller form factor products, while its newly opened Palmetto Plant in Lugoff, South Carolina, ensured faster deliveries to Archtop’s Kingston, New York, headquarters.

The agreement represents a meaningful synergy that will support Archtop Fiber’s mission to bridge the digital divide in underserved areas across the Hudson Valley and the Northeast, delivering long-awaited, state-of-the-art Internet services to empower communities with tech-driven opportunities. The partnership also highlights STL’s commitment to quality, shorter lead times, and design innovation to enable this large-scale network rollout.

“STL’s ability to deliver high-quality optical products at the right value was key for us,” said Shawn Beqaj, Chief Development Officer, Archtop Fiber. “We looked at all the options in the market for advanced optical solutions with the ability to customize solutions and deploy rapidly. STL’s integrated portfolio aligned perfectly with our XGS-PON architecture and aggressive project timeline, bringing true multi-gig broadband service to underserved markets across the Hudson Valley and Northeastern United States. STL continues to be a core partner for Archtop, in the fullest sense of that often-overwrought term.”

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Atkinson, CEO, Optical Networking Business, STL, said, “Built on a shared intent to connect communities across the U.S., this partnership has been an incredibly fulfilling one for us. I am sure our advanced optical solutions will support Archtop in their journey for years to come.”

Press Release

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