angie communicationsAngie Communications, which calls itself the world’s largest telecom startup, has ambitious gigabit plans – including bringing Angie gigabit service to several markets that Google Fiber planned to serve but later halted and to 87 other markets.

Angie has a unique business model that will use fiber that other network operators deployed to business buildings as the backhaul infrastructure for wireless gigabit services. Back in December the company announced that it would offer service at speeds up to 10 Gbps to business customers in 10,000 buildings in 87 markets reached by fiber operators with whom Angie has business agreements. At that time, the company also noted that it has used that strategy in other parts of the world, where the fiber connectivity to the buildings also serves as backhaul infrastructure for gigabit wireless service.

A close reading of a press release issued today reveals that the company plans to offer gigabit wireless capability, which the company calls “Gigabit Cities projects,” in the 87 markets announced in December and in certain halted Google Fiber markets. A comparison of the eight markets that Google Fiber halted with Angie’s list of planned markets reveals four markets in common, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix and San Jose.

The Angie Communications strategy also calls for providing backhaul connectivity to wireless providers and for bringing fiber to some “premises.” The latter term apparently references locations that would be served using passive optical networking, as the company differentiates between “premises” and “buildings.” The term “buildings” apparently applies to business buildings with point-to-point fiber connections. The company said that in some cases it would install fiber – apparently point-to-point fiber — from currently served buildings to neighboring buildings and would not charge customers in the new buildings for construction costs.

The company noted that more than 30,000 buildings nationwide are already connected by one of its partners. The company’s goal is to connect 100,000 buildings and 5 million premises in the U.S. with fiber over the next five years, today’s press release states.

Angie does not plan to deploy additional infrastructure itself, however. Instead the company has agreements with companies that specialize in infrastructure rollouts, including Bear Communications, which was one of the first companies hired to build Google Fiber’s fiber-to-the-home network in Kansas City.

Wireless Extreme is a Blanketed Offering
Angie also is taking a unique approach to its gigabit wireless service, dubbed Wireless Extreme. The service will be rolled out beginning in Los Angeles and New York within the next few months and will be a blanketed offering which, as the company explains in a video, will allow consumers to access gigabit wireless in their home, office or in a coffee shop.


The company is offering a special introductory price for the service of $30 a month and says it plans to reach “the rest of the U.S.” with the service in 2017 to 2018.  “By year end 2019, almost the entire USA will be ‘Extreme,’” Angie boasts on a webpage about the wireless offerings.

That may seem like an unrealistic goal – and perhaps it will be. Nevertheless, the company seems to have carefully planned its offering. For example, the company said it has been developing strategic partnerships for years. In addition, the company said it already has gained landlord approval to install wireless equipment on the rooftops of many of the buildings on its network.

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16 thoughts on “Angie Communications Wants to Finish What Google Fiber Started And More With Ambitious Gigabit Plan

  1. The owner of this company Mr Lachman is a NUT case! He lied about 5G now he wants to take on Google.

    Someone call the men in white coats.

    1. You should learn how to read. Take on Google? Angie is, as per the title of this announcement, avoiding Google. Read again: it says "Cities abandoned by Google Fiber".

  2. Another Angie Press Release
    So Angie Communications has announced rollouts in multiple cities in the U.S. and Europe over the course of the last several years, without any evidence of actual customers or providing service. A number of the announcements have then been quietly forgotten:

    And one of my personal favorites about Neal Lachman's (Angie's CEO, Founder, etc., etc.)previous business ventures:

    Instead of simply regurgitating their latest press release, PLEASE do just a little bit of research on this company and then present the entire picture.

  3. Hi there.

    Usually I don't respond to silly attacks, but here we go.

    @ Mark. It's good to see you here. Is your own review website where you hawk for commissions from ISPs not requiring your full attention? Anyway, what did I lie about 5G? Angie is building the fiber infrastructure that is required for 5G backhaul. You may read the press release prior to responding. It's mentioned.

    @Jim, you seem busy, also posting the same on other places where they picked up the story? I'll copy what I posted on the other site.

    I loved my plan for Grand Americana. It didn't come to fruition, but maybe one day I'll manage to build it after all. Who knows? It's sad that you would use that as a tie-in with my other projects to try tarnish my reputation. But hey, free speech and all.

    Now, coming to Angie's plans and (previous) announcements about our projects. It's true that we sent out numerous press releases and announcements. And it is true that it took us years to get there. Nobody said it would be easy. Nobody is saying that pulling fiber and building infrastructure will be easy. Just ask Google Fiber.

    However, we have now passed the "announcement" phase a few weeks ago. We are actually rolling out. We will post pictures of construction teams for you soon if that would make you happy?

    But more important than that, we would like you to try us out. If you own real estate in New York City, Los Angeles City, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague, we can connect your building with 10-Gigabit within 10-12 weeks (depending on the permit). We won't charge you any money for the connection. You must have missed that part, which is described in the last few paragraphs of the press release.

    Also, you mention the Ars Technica story. We are going full speed ahead in Los Angeles. As you know, after the CTO left (Mr. Reneker) there has been zero progress with CityLinkLA or however they are called these days. On the other hand, we have major strategic partnerships in LA since last year and the design for LA is almost ready. And yes, we sent PRs for those too (see Thus, I don't see why you'd mention the LA project as something as a bad reference for Angie. It has been and is still part of the plan.

    I apologize upfront for not responding to replies. I just wated to take the time to set the record straight.

    Take care.

    Neal Lachman

    1. Neal,

      Please do provide pictures of your construction teams doing actual work for your customers. Real customer reviews would be great too! Also, perhaps you can please provide more details on the €300,000,000 funding that you announced previously:

      Oh wait, that "funding" was from NSL & Company International, a "private equity" company that you, Neal Lachman, also happen to be the founder & chairman of. What a coincidence!

      Please, also tell us about how much money you have taken in, from interested potential customers in the form of credit card advance "deposits" via your website and previous press releases. How many of these customers have actually been connected? When will they be connected?

      And here's one of your posts where you mention Angie's Euro 5 – 10 billion valuation in January 2015.

      That was over 1 year ago, what is your current valuation? What is it based upon? Who are your outside auditors? Have you released any financial documents or reports? If so, please do share those with us as well. I am sure FCC Chairman Ajit Pai would be very interested to learn all about these items of interest as well!

      Thank you so much Neal for being so forthcoming!

  4. I of course, don't know how accurate the comments are here regarding this article or the owner but what I can say is that I have made my own attempts to find out more information but have run in to walls – no returned phone calls from their US-based corporate office, etc.. And if the comments are in any way correct then we have yet one more effort to distort reality. Sad as we have enough issues without more nonsense getting in the way. I will be watching.

    1. Hello Jeff: sorry you couldn't reach us. Angie is best to be reached through Live Chat from 8-18.00 eastern time or use the call back function.

  5. Dear all,

    We understand that there are many questions about large projects such as Angie is undertaking in not just one but three major markets.

    Our CEO took the time to respond but it is not our intention to keep entertaining trolls and/or people who keep engaging in a circular discussion. However, anybody who wants to know more about our company and projects is welcome to visit for some documents, and to peruse the FAQ sections of our websites (

    We are also willing to arrange our Group CEO and Group COO to answer certain questions one may have – by email.

    Regarding our previous announcements we can state that the Wireless Extreme and Wired Extreme projects are the results of the outcomes predicted/announced.

    We have a team of 30+ highly experienced international telecoms experts – including team members who have worked for Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Bell Labs, Colt, Ericsson, Orange, Zayo, and Vodafone, among others. Angie Communications International is a transparent company from all perspectives as we're trying to deliver mutual benefit to our partners and customers.

    You can contact us through

    Kind regards,

    Kailesh Mistry
    Chief External Communications & Identity
    Angie Communications International

  6. You personally admitted in YOUR own video, that the 5G story was ("press release bullsh*t)

    Make your mind up Neal…

    Stinks of a scam

    1. Hi Seth, tell us why you are so interested? Who is losing out on anything Neal does and Angie is doing? Why don't you tell us who you are and what is so pressing for you to slander anyone? What are you afraid of losing? Do you work for some company or are you going to lose money if, by any chance, Angie will be successful.

      There is a post answering most of the issues described in that forum:

      I work for Angie and with Neal on a daily basis.

    1. Everyone said Alexander Graham bell was crazy, so was Goodyear, Marconi and others. DO things differently. Stop fighting the physics and work with it like we have.

  7. I have read much of what I seeing said here and the funny thing is that wireless technology on a global basis has been trying for years to fight physics, and has not, and will never win.

    So for those of you who want to get real lets talk about a firmware that is both spectrum and vendor agnostic which can be flashed onto any chipset turning the device into a marvelous piece of equipment. We take 802.11n, ac, ad, and soon ax APs to deliver up to 1 Gbps symmetrically. The network is meshed and defies the traditional issues with meshed where over distance the signal loses its data carrying capacity. The signal using our APs can take unlimited hops/hand-offs, uses 2-8 watts, more than 50% less than Cisco and Ruckus APs, sometimes as much as 75% less.

    Our solutions are ideal for IoT, Autonomous driving, Intelligent transportation systems, and vehicular collision avoidance systems.

    No towers are needed and can be used to deliver last-mile solutions for rural America. There. is no equal on the market now. We can tap directly into fiber networks using an ethernet connection off the fiber. Rapid deployments are common place

    As for 5G. using either sub 6. GHz, 2.5, 28 or 60 GHz is futile because no matter what the signals will not penetrate the walls. 5G will need us for backhaul and getting into homes.

    Talk to us when you are. ready

    Keith Walker- 202-660-2926

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