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MINNEAPOLIS, Nov 04, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) — ADC (NASDAQ: ADCT) (, a leading supplier of infrastructure solutions for fiber deployments, announced today its OmniReach(R) Hub-in-a-Pedestal (HIP) fiber distribution hub, OmniReach Passive Optical Splitter Modules, Fiber Cable Assemblies and Value-added Module VAM system have been accepted by the USDA Rural Development Telecommunications program, allowing ADC’s products to be used in the expansion of broadband services to underserved and rural communities.

ADC now offers hundreds of Rural Utilities Service (RUS)-listed products to carriers serving rural areas in the United States and seeking funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. Acceptance by the USDA Rural Development Telecommunications Program of ADC solutions enables service providers seeking funding from the RUS to propose the use of these products in applications they submit for the agency’s loans and grants.

“The USDA Rural Development program is helping rural carriers invest in broadband infrastructure to deliver a growing number of broadband services to rural customers,” said Jaxon Lang, vice president of Global Connectivity Solutions – Americas for ADC. “The acceptance of additional ADC products helps our FTTX customers offer new broadband services cost effectively in the rural communities they serve. With new networks in place, carriers can not only deliver services but new revenue streams as well.”

ADC’s history as a FTTX solution provider began in 2003, with one of its first OmniReach FTTX fiber deployments for rural applications in Windom, Minn. in 2005. Since then hundreds of rural carriers and municipalities have selected ADC FTTX solutions to provide broadband services to their subscribers.

Expanded Portfolio of RUS-Listed ADC Products

Fiber is the critical enabler of the advances needed in today’s rural networks, and ADC has a comprehensive portfolio of fiber-based solutions accepted by the USDA RuralDevelopment Telecommunications Program. The company’s newest FTTX additions to the RUS listing include:

* OmniReach Hub-in-a-Pedestal (HIP) – Modeled after ADC’s industry-leading FDH 3000, the Hub-in-a-Pedestal is right-sized for rural landscapes numbering in size from 12 to 96 homes. Additionally, this field-friendly unit is enclosed in a pedestal rather than in a metal cabinet and can be placed in the ground without pouring a concrete pad or installing a hand hole. This feature speeds deployment of fiber to the home and reduces overall project costs.

* OmniReach Passive Optical Splitter Modules – These splitter modules, which are installed in an outside plant enclosure, enable carriers to split optical signals to multiple homes and businesses. Combined with superior cable management, these products reduce the time to route fiber in cabinets and save operating costs. They also can be adapted to a wide variety of applications for the central office as well as the outside plant.

* Fiber Cable Assemblies – ADC offers a wide variety of fiber cable assemblies and accessories designed to meet the requirements of today’s high-speed networks. These products include patch cords, multi-fiber assemblies and connectors, adapters and attenuators.

* Value-added Module (VAM) System – This solution adds flexibility and functionality to the optical transport system by enabling carriers to easily incorporate optical components into the network. This versatile platform consists of various chassis and optical components that fit into all existing ADC optical distribution frames and various other mounting environments.

Other ADC products on the RUS list include nearly all the company’s fiber portfolio, including ADC’s FiberGuide(R) Fiber Management Systems, Next-Generation Frames (NGFs), OmniReach(R) Fiber Access Terminals (FATs) and Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDHs), as well as OmniReach Multiport Service Terminals (MSTs) and fiber hardened drop cables.

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