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For many subscribers, Wi-Fi is the internet. Their expectation is it should be everywhere within the home, even in the backyard. For communications service providers (CSPs), meeting this expectation is critical and that’s why Managed Wi-Fi is the solution.

Whole-home Wi-Fi is now the expectation and CSPs should not leave it up to customers to figure out how to achieve it. Wi-Fi solutions from big box stores tout do-it-yourself whole-home Wi-Fi solutions, but that can often lead to disaster, with CSPs having to clean up a tangled Wi-Fi mess.

The alternative is a carrier-grade managed Wi-Fi 6 solution that gives CSPs the tools they need to set-up, monitor, and remotely manage a whole-home Wi-Fi network. With it, CSPs can offer an optimized Wi-Fi experience, with reliable super-fast connections to every corner of the house or business.

With the ongoing pandemic, homes have become the focal point of business, education, telehealth, entertainment, and other functions of everyday life. The need for good quality whole-home Wi-Fi is only accelerating. According to industry research firm IDC, the consumer Wi-Fi market segment grew over 20% in the second quarter alone.

Not All Managed Wi-Fi is Created Equal
Managed Wi-Fi 6 solutions lower support costs, deliver a better customer experience, and provide an incremental revenue opportunity. But not all managed Wi-Fi solutions are created equal. CSPs should look for solutions that offer:

  • Carrier-grade focus
  • Standards based remote management (TR-069/TR-181)
  • Standards compliance with Easy Mesh
  • Easy set-up with automatic device on-boarding and configuration
  • Seamless roaming of clients to the best connection with band-steering and AP-steering
  • Self-optimization of the Wi-Fi network to ensure optimum performance

With remote management, CSP tech support gains full visibility into customer Wi-Fi networks and can diagnose and fix issues with a few mouse clicks.

zyxel managed wi-fi solution

Zyxel understands the power of managed Wi-Fi and the Mpro Mesh solution gives CSPs all the required tools for delivering the best whole-home Wi-Fi experience. The combination of carrier-grade focus, EasyMesh compliance, remote management, and the MPro Mesh app can put CSPs in the driver’s seat for managed Wi-Fi success.

To learn more about Zyxel’s Wi-Fi Solutions contact us at broadband@zyxel.com or connect with KGPCo for more information

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