Island County x Ziply

The latest broadband public-private partnership comes from Ziply, which will bring fiber broadband at speeds up to 50Gbps symmetrically to Camaro Island, Washington. Telecompetitor got a few more details from Ryan Luckin, vice president of marketing and communications for Ziply Fiber.

The deployment will require an investment of almost half a million dollars, some of which will come from Ziply and some of which will come from Island County. The county will use funding that it obtained from the federal government via the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

That act made money available to every county in the U.S. that the counties could use for a variety of purposes, including broadband deployments.

Ziply is rather unique in offering speeds up to 50Gbps symmetrically for residential customers. The price for that service is $900 a month, Luckin said.

The lowest-cost plan that the company will offer is symmetrical 100 Mbps service, which costs $20 a month, he added.

As Luckin explained, Ziply will offer symmetrical speeds up to 5Gbps using XGS-PON technology, while 10Gig and 50Gig services will be delivered using Ethernet.

Ziply is just one of numerous providers that have entered public-private partnerships for deployments in high-cost areas where the providers otherwise might have been reluctant to invest in fiber.

Providers that have been involved in such partnerships include AT&T, Consolidated, Windstream, Surf Internet, and others.

Ziply’s operations are comprised, in large part, of assets that it purchased from Frontier. The company offers 10Gbps service across its entire fiber footprint.

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